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Bay Terraces is a hilly neighborhood in the southeastern part of San Diego, California, United States.[1] It is bordered by Skyline to the north, Paradise Hills to the southwest, and Alta Vista and South Encanto to the west. The southern end of the neighborhood is bordered by State Route 54 and Bonita. The neighborhood generally includes the ZIP Codes 92114 and 92139.


The neighborhood was annexed by San Diego in 1969.[2] In 2000, it was ranked the 19th safest neighborhood in San Diego.[3]

Itliong-Vera Cruz Memorial Bridge as seen from the West.

It is home to a significant Filipino American population.[4] In 2015, a bridge on the south edge of the neighborhood was named for Larry Itliong and Philip Vera Cruz.[5] Also in 2015, a Filipino American was sentenced to over 50 years in prison for his role in a 2010 shooting and death of a San Diego Police Officer, although he was not the person who shot the police officer.[6]


The neighborhood is within the 4th City Council District.[7] The district has been represented by Myrtle Cole since she won a special election in 2013.[8] Federally, the neighborhood is within the California's 53rd congressional district, where 14% of the voting population within the district is Asian American.[9]


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