Bay View High School (Karachi)

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Bay View High
Logo of the Bay View High School
Karachi, Sindh
Type Private
Motto "We Believe in You"
Established 1994
Grades Nursery to A Levels
Color(s) Blue and White         

Bay View High is a highly selective, independent, coeducational school in Karachi, Pakistan.[1]

Established in 1994, Bay View High School offers a British system of education culminating in GCE Ordinary and Advanced Level examinations. The school has four campuses and a student body of several hundred pupils.[2][3]


Bay View High College Campus


Bay View High School has four campuses in Karachi. Students are taught at the Bay View Preschool; from Kindergarten through to Grade 5 at the Junior School, from Grades 6 to 9 at the Middle School and are prepared for their GCE Ordinary Level (Grades 10 and 11) and Advanced Level examinations (A1 and A2) at the College Campus.[1]

Subjects offered at O-level: English Language, English Literature, Urdu, Mathematics, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, Accounts, Additional Mathematics, Art, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, Physics, Sociology, World History.

Subjects offered at A-level: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Accounts, business Studies, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, World History, Mathematics, Arts, Urdu, Literature, Media Studies.


Bay View High School has a competitive admissions process consisting of a written examination and an interview, testing students’ academic and communication skills. For entry into the Advanced Level programme, students are expected to perform well in their O Levels and are invited for interview to assess their suitability for the programme.[4]

Prefect body[edit]

The Middle and College Campuses have their own respective prefect bodies in order to exercise school discipline. Prefects are chosen via a competitive selection process where students' academic, sporting and behavioural records are scrutinised and their communication skills are tested at interview.[5] The Prefectorial Hierarchy at Bay View High School is as follows:

The Head Boy and Head Girl are assigned crimson robes to wear over their uniforms, House Captains and Prefects are assigned blue robes and badges stating their respective positions.

House system[edit]

Bay View High School has three houses. Students are 'randomly' placed into a house on gaining admission.

Houses compete against each other through a series of events, both sport and non-sport, throughout the year. The biggest competition is the Annual Sports Day, when the Houses compete for the Champions Trophy. Eminent have won the Trophy on 7 occasions whereas Paramount and Cardinal have won 4 times each.


Bay View High School has a proud sporting tradition. Various team sports include cricket, throwball, football, basketball and table tennis and Track and field programmes include high jump, long jump, running and shot put. Bay View High School participates in various inter-school competitions throughout the academic year. The pinnacle of the schools achievement came in January 2012 when the school football team triumphed in the PSOSS tournament by defeating Nixor College in the final. It also holds an annual sports week which involves the three School Houses Cardinal, Eminent and Paramount competing for the Champions Trophy.[6]

Clubs and societies[edit]

The school has a variety of subject-specific, outdoor, music, oratory, drama and charity societies run by students.[7] The Everlasting Spirit Society, Bay View High School's charity society, has been immensely successful in raising funds for the victims of the 2005 Pakistan earthquake and the 2010 Pakistan Floods, establishing two medical centres in Kashmir and providing aid to flood victims.[8] Additionally, Bay View High School takes part in national debate and Model UN competitions and has won several awards at such events. Bay View High students also organise their own intra-school Model UN ('BAYMUN').[9] In March 2012, the Bay View High MUN team participated in the school's first international conference. Akbar Shahzad, Arsalan Zaman, Haseeb Buriro, Shahmir Shunaid, Ali Zaidi and Zoran Shah participated in this MUN conference in Beijing, China. Along with that they have had new rising orators in their O'Level section namely Asad Rizvi, who has won awards for Bayview at MUNS of Karachi, and has also participated in National MUNs such as LUMUN.


The school publishes an annual yearbook ('The Spirit') as well as a quarterly student-run newsletter called 'The Chronicle'.[7]

Events and celebrations[edit]

Bay View High School organises a number of cultural, educational, fundraising and formal events These include Pakistan's Independence Day and Eid celebrations, as well as a Culture day, celebrating Pakistan's cultural diversity. Additionally, Bay View High School organises educational trips to various local and international destinations.


Bay View High School's traditions include an annual bonfire barbecue) as well as a welcome party for first year A Level students organised by A2 students. Students' academic achievements are commemorated in the annual Awards ceremony.[10] The school also holds a Graduation Ceremony for students graduating from Grades 11 and A2.


The building of Bay View High School in Karachi was the site of Om Nivas, an early, notable location of the Brahma Kumaris.[11]


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