Bay of Cádiz

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Bay of Cádiz
Bahía de Cádiz
(Bahía de Cádiz) Seville, Spain (49104522676) (cropped).jpg
 • Total111 km2 (43 sq mi)
Official nameBahía de Cádiz
Designated24 October 2002
Reference no.1265[2]

The Bay of Cádiz is a body of water in the province of Cádiz, Spain, adjacent to the southwestern coast of the Iberian Peninsula.

The Bay of Cádiz adjoins the Gulf of Cádiz, a larger body of water which is in the same area but further offshore.


The shores of the Bay of Cádiz include the municipalities of Cádiz, San Fernando, Puerto Real, El Puerto de Santa María, and Rota.[1]

The bay forms a natural harbour which according to available archaeological evidence has been inhabited since very ancient times.[3] The Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park is located on the shores of the Bay of Cádiz.

There is also a comarca with the name Bay of Cádiz.

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