Baya Beach

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Baya Beach is located in ABC islands (Lesser Antilles)
Baya Beach
Baya Beach
Location of Baya Beach on Curaçao

Baya Beach is a beach on the Caribbean island of Curaçao, situated on a peninsula in the south-east of Caracas Bay next to Fort Beekenburg. It used to be a bunker port of Royal Dutch Shell, some piers and tanks can still be seen.

It is a small beach, mainly geared towards water sports. Facilities exist for renting diving material, canoes and jetski's. There are boat rides to visit the island of Klein Curaçao. Baya Beach is also known for its night life.

Coordinates: 12°04′14″N 68°51′41″W / 12.07056°N 68.86139°W / 12.07056; -68.86139