Bayard H. Faulkner

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Bayard Hilton Faulkner (July 19, 1894 – November 1983) was Mayor of Montclair, New Jersey, and chairman of the 1950 Commission on Municipal Government. The legislation crafted by this commission to update and reform New Jersey's municipal law is commonly called the Faulkner Act, named in his honor.[1]


He was born on July 19, 1894 in Bucklin, Missouri to Hilton S. Faulkner and Nellie L. Herreman.

This commission was responsible for drafting Optional Municipal Charter Law provides New Jersey municipalities with a variety of additional models of local government, beyond the traditional forms (City, Township, Town, Borough and Village), and the two reform-era forms (Walsh Act and the 1923 Municipal Manager Law).

He died on November 1983. Faulkner was buried in Mount Hebron Cemetery, Montclair, New Jersey.


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