Baycomms Broadcasting Corporation

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Baycomms Broadcasting Corporation.
Fate Acquired by, and later merged into, Brigada Mass Media Corporation
Founded April 17, 1992
Defunct February 2013
Headquarters Olongapo City, Philippines (as a sole radio network, 1992-2013)
5th Floor, Jacinta Building 2, EDSA, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City (as a conglomerate of BMMC, 2013-present)
Key people
Joel Lazaro (VP Operations and Programming)
Henry De Guzman (Program Director)

Baycomms Broadcasting Corporation was a radio network based in Olongapo City notable for its array of Bay Radio stations in the key cities and towns in the Philippines. The corporation ended operations as a sole radio network with Brigada Mass Media Corporation's acquisition and take-over of the Bay Radio stations.

The network, during its existence, never had a Bay Radio in the Metro Manila area but now has a National Office in Makati City as a network merged with Brigada.[1]


Baycomms Broadcasting Corporation was founded in 1992, with DWTY 93.5 in Olongapo City & DXBY 89.9 in Zamboanga City. In late 2000s, a number of Bay Radio stations were sold. Notabie of those was Cagayan de Oro in 2011 to become Magnum Radio 99.9, prior to Brigada's takeover and General Santos in 2009 which became the nucleus of Brigada News FM. In February 2013, Baycomms ended as a sole network with the 100% takeover and acquisition by Brigada Mass Media Corporation.

Acquired stations to Brigada[edit]

Virtually all remaining Bay Radio stations were acquired by Brigada. Unlike other stations that are retained in their home city or town, 104.7 Bay Radio Batangas was refurbished to become 104.7 Brigada News FM National in Makati City, but retaining its old studio as the core broadcaster of its Makati studio.