Baydaratskaya Bay

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Location of Baydaratskaya Bay in the Kara Sea.

Baydaratskaya Bay or Baydarata Bay (Russian: Байдарацкая губа, Baydaratskaya guba) is a gulf in Russia, located in the southern part of the Kara Sea between the coastline of the Northern termination of the Ural Mountains (Polar Ural) and Yamal Peninsula. The length of the gulf is approx. 180 km, mouth width - 78 km, depth - up to 20 m. Surface water temperature is 5-6C during summertime. The gulf freezes up during winter. The rivers Baydarata, Yuribey, Kara, and some others flow into the Baydarata Bay.

The gulf contains the following larger islands: Torasovey Island, Litke Island, and Levdiyev Island.

The Yamal-Center gas pipeline is laid by Gazprom on the seabed across the bay from rich gas deposits of the Yamal.

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Coordinates: 69°00′N 67°30′E / 69°N 67.5°E / 69; 67.5