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Covestro AG
Stock Corporation
Traded as FWB1COV
Founded 1 September 2015
Headquarters Leverkusen, Germany
Owner Bayer AG (53.3%)[1]

Covestro is a spinout formed in the fall of 2015 from Bayer; it was formerly Bayer MaterialScience, Bayer's $12.3 billion materials science division.[2][3] Covestro shares were first offered on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in October 2015.[4]

The main industries served are automotive manufacturing and supply, electrical engineering and electronics, construction and home products, and sports and leisure. Their products include coatings and adhesives, polyurethanes that are used in thermal insulation, adhesives, electrical housings, and as a component of footwear and mattresses, and polycarbonates such as Covestro's Makrolon, which are highly impact-resistant plastics.[2] Covestro polyurethanes were used in the 2014 official FIFA World Cup soccer ball.[5]

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