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Main building

Baikal State University [1] is a Russian state educational institution of higher professional learning which provides under-graduate, graduate, post-graduate and advanced education in Economics, Management, Law, Applied Computer Science in Economics, Journalism, Psychology and Sociology. The University was founded in 1930.

The University includes the Institute of Commerce (Irkutsk), the Institute (a branch of BSU) in Chita, Institutes (branches) in Ust-Ilimsk, Bratsk, ; College of Business and Law, College of Trade and Economy, Post-Graduate and Post Doctoral Courses in 17 areas. There are also Training and Re-training Centers.

The enrollment at the University is over 30000 students. The Main Campus employs 585 professors, associate professors and instructors. The number of PhD students is over 700. Over 100 Candidate of Science theses and Doctor of Science theses are defended annually. Information from the official website [2]. The University is equipped to provide education. Over 1,500 computers with Pentium inside are integrated in a local intranet with the Internet access. The library contains over a million volumes. 20 computer classes and 15 large reading rooms are never empty at weekends. All university departments are equipped with photocopiers. All this puts BSU on a par with the leading European universities.

New Building[edit]

According to the list of the Ministry of Education and Research, BNUEL is one of the leading economic universities in Russia, giving the pas only to Moscow and St.Petersburg universities. There are 11 buildings, high-rise dorms, a health maintenance facility for 50 visitors, recreation centre on the bank of the Angara, sport and cultural centers (including a cinema), a number of cafeterias and cafes.

Annually, the faculty publish more than 100 teaching aids, books and monographs.

The research conducted in BNUEL is both fundamental and applied. The amount of money annually invested in research is over 14 million rubles. Research projects are done on request of Rosobrazovanie of the Russian Federation, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Russian State Scientific Foundation, International Foundations, Irkutsk and Chita Oblast governments and regional municipalities.

Over 60,000 students have graduated from BNUEL and about 500 Ph.Ds and Ass.Professors have defended their theses for 77 years.


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