Bayless Senior High School

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Bayless Senior High School
4532 Weber Rd
St. Louis, Missouri, (St. Louis County) 63123
United States
Coordinates 38°33′07″N 90°18′04″W / 38.5520°N 90.3012°W / 38.5520; -90.3012Coordinates: 38°33′07″N 90°18′04″W / 38.5520°N 90.3012°W / 38.5520; -90.3012
Motto "Respect and Responsibility"
School district Bayless School District
Superintendent Mr. Ronald Tucker
School number (314) 256-8660
Principal S. Patrick McEvoy
Enrollment 600
Average class size 33
Hours in school day 7
School color(s) Forest Green and Vegas Gold
Fight song Washington and Lee Swing
Mascot Bronchos
Rival Affton High School
Accreditation Fully Accredited
Newspaper Broncho Beat Newsmagazine
Yearbook The Oracle

Bayless Senior High School is a public high school located in St. Louis, Missouri.[1] Bayless is fully accredited by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. There is an enrollment of about 600 students, with 95% daily attendance. There are 175 days in their school year, with eight full days off school for professional development. Bayless Senior High has an average class size of 33 students.


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