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The Bayogoula were a Native American tribe from Mississippi and Louisiana in the United States. Their name translates as "bayou people".[1] They were a part of the Muskogean people.[2] The Houma people attacked them around 1699–1700.[1] They lived with another tribe, the Mougoulacha, in 1700. In the early 18th-century the Bayagoula killed many Mougoulacha, almost wiping out the entire tribe. This was triggered from a fight between the two tribes chiefs. The Tonica tribe moved into the community soon thereafter. In 1706 the Tonica ambushed the Bayagoula and almost killed all of them. By 1721, the rest of the tribe had suffered considerable deaths from smallpox.[2] The remaining Bayogoula are believed to have moved to the area of the present day Ascension Parish of Louisiana, possibly melding into the community of the Houma and Acolapissa who lived there.[1]


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