Bayside, Nova Scotia

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Bayside, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Bayside, Nova Scotia
Bayside in Nova Scotia

Coordinates: 44°32′00″N 63°48′01″W / 44.53333°N 63.80028°W / 44.53333; -63.80028


Bayside is a small coastal rural community in the Halifax Regional Municipality Nova Scotia, Canada. It is about 19 kilometres (12 mi) from Halifax. Bayside is situated on the shore of Shad Bay on the Atlantic Ocean. The community is on the Prospect Road (Route 333) which runs on the Chebucto Peninsula.

The area includes a golf course called Granite Springs. The first three digits of the postal Code for the area is B3Z. The telephone exchange is 902 852-Aliant.

Notable People[edit]

Derek Gaudet