Bayswater Road

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For the street in Sydney, Australia, see Bayswater Road (Sydney).

Coordinates: 51°30′37.5″N 0°11′6.5″W / 51.510417°N 0.185139°W / 51.510417; -0.185139

Bayswater Road

Bayswater Road is the main road running along the northern edge of Hyde Park in London.

In the east, Bayswater Road originates from the Marble Arch junction, and at its western end it continues into Notting Hill Gate. It is mostly within the City of Westminster but a small portion of the road's western end lies in Kensington and Chelsea.

It is where the fictional upper-middle class Forsyte family live in John Galsworthy's The Forsyte Saga.

Like Oxford Street to the east, Bayswater Road follows the course of the old Roman road linking London with Silchester.

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Lancaster Gate tube station and Queensway tube station (both on the Central line) are both located on Bayswater Road.

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