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"Bayview station" redirects here. For the subway station in Toronto, see Bayview (TTC).
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Coordinates 45°24′34″N 75°43′19″W / 45.40944°N 75.72194°W / 45.40944; -75.72194Coordinates: 45°24′34″N 75°43′19″W / 45.40944°N 75.72194°W / 45.40944; -75.72194
Platforms At-grade - single
Tracks 1
Parking No
Bicycle facilities yes
Opened 2001
Preceding station   OC Transpo   Following station
Terminus Trillium Line
toward Greenboro
toward Baseline
Route 91
toward Trim
toward Stittsville
Route 92
toward St. Laurent
toward Innovation
Route 93
toward Riverview
Route 94
toward Millennium
Route 95
toward Trim
toward Stittsville
Route 96
toward St. Laurent
Route 97
toward Airport
Route 98
toward Hawthorne

Bayview is a transitway and O-Train station in Ottawa, Ontario. The bus stop is at the western end of Albert Street. The O-Train station, the northern terminus of the Trillium Line, is located on a stub-end track branching off from the railway line, immediately under the Albert Street and transitway overpasses. Paved asphalt footpaths connect the two stops on opposite sides of the transitway and the train platform.

From the higher points of the station, one can just see the Parliament buildings across the LeBreton Flats.

The station is named for nearby Bayview Road. By 2018, the East-West Transitway between Tunney's Pasture and Blair Station will be converted to light-rail transit, becoming the Confederation Line, making Bayview an important rapid transit transfer point. It will also be a catalyst for large redevelopment including condos, hotels and the city's tallest office tower at 801 Albert. Plans also exist for converting a 1940s warehouse into a film studio and build an attached 15 storey "innovation hub". The station is close to Tom Brown Arena.


Buses are served by stops on each side of the transitway

The following routes serve Bayview Station:
O-Train - Trillium Line
Regular Routes: 16 86 87 91 92 94 95 96 97 98 107
Peak-Only Routes: 63 64 105 164 176
Connexion Routes: 252 256 261 262 263 264 265 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 277 282 283
Special Event Routes: 403


  • Route 85 is available nearby on Preston Street.
  • Routes 87 and 98 don't serve Bayview Station in the late evenings Monday-Friday or outside of business hours on the weekends.
  • Route 98 starts/ends at Lebreton Station outside of peak hours on weekdays.
  • Route 107 operates as a replacement if the Trillium Line is shut down.


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