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Bayview Woods-Steeles
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Bayview Woods-Steeles is a neighbourhood located in the northern tip of the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, formerly in North York before it was amalgamated into Toronto in 1998. It is part of federal and provincial electoral district Willowdale, and Toronto electoral ward 24: Willowdale (East). In 2006, it had a population of 13,295.[1] The area is divided by a series of ravines, and is often not considered a neighbourhood unto itself. Rather the sections are more often divided between the neighbouring areas of Hillcrest Village, Bayview Village, and Newtonbrook.

The neighbourhood is bordered by Steeles Avenue East to the north, Leslie Street to the east, Bayview Avenue to the west, and Finch Avenue East to the south. Several branches of the Don River meet in the middle of this neighbourhood and there is no shortage of greenspace as a result, though much is not usable, since it consists mostly of ravines. This neighbourhood is also notable for varying greatly in elevation, with the section in Cummer Avenue between Bayview and Leslie being especially steep.

Bayview Woods-Steeles is a middle-income neighbourhood with an equal amount of single detached homes as apartment buildings with 5+ stories. The ownership rate is close to 60% which is well over the average for the city. In 2006, 655 people had an income of $60,000 and above which increased only increased over the years. In 2011 there were 1035 people with an income of $60,000 and above living in the Bayview Woods-Steels neighbourhood, making this a middle-income neighbourhood.[citation needed]

There is a very large population of Chinese immigrants arriving each year and the neighbourhood is home to a large Chinese population (almost 30%). In 2006 there were 275 Chinese immigrants living in this neighbourhood and in 2011 there was a decrease of 25 people; there were 250 Chinese immigrants in the Bayview Woods-Steeles neighbourhood.[citation needed] There is also a strong Jewish community living in the area.[citation needed]

Some of the schools in the area include Steelesview Public School, Zion Heights Junior High School, and Pineway Public school. The neighbourhood also has a chiropractic college located on Leslie Street. Two public secondary schools serve the area: A. Y. Jackson Secondary School and Earl Haig Secondary School.

Notable areas of interest include the Cummer Park Community Centre which has a swimming pool, an arena and a skate park (one of the very few that exists in Toronto). There are also many ravines in the area which are used for walking, running and cycling.

Bayview Woods-Steeles is not served by any subway stations. However, the 11 Bayview, 53 Steeles East, 42 Cummer, 39 Finch East and 51 Leslie bus routes all pass through the neighbourhood.


Bayview Woods-Steeles' major ethnic and cultural groups (by ancestry) in 2001:[1]

The percentage of population below the poverty line was 18% in 2001.[1]

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