Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding

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Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding
Baywatch hawaiian wedding DVD cover.jpg
DVD and Blu-ray cover
Based onBaywatch
by Michael Berk
Douglas Schwartz
Gregory J. Bonann
Screenplay byMichael Berk
Story byMichael Berk
Douglas Schwartz
Directed byDouglas Schwartz
Music by
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
  • Francis J. Conway
  • David W. Hager
CinematographyStuart Asbjornsen
EditorTom Erwin
Running time100 minutes
Production companies
Distributor20th Television
Budget$5.5 million
Original networkFOX Network
Original release
  • February 28, 2003 (2003-02-28)

Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding is a 2003 American made-for-television action adventure film which reunited the original cast members of the television series Baywatch. Filming for the movie began in September 2002 on Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu, Hawaii.[1]


After having been thought to have died at the end of the 10th season, it is revealed that Mitch Buchannon only had amnesia where he was recovering in a Los Angeles hospital and has now retired from Lifeguard duty. His new fiancée, Allison Ford (Alexandra Paul), resembles his old lover, Lt. Stephanie Holden (also played by Alexandra Paul), who died during the seventh season of Baywatch. Taylor Walsh (Angelica Bridges) now runs the Baywatch Headquarters, where Leigh Dyer (Brande Roderick) and JD Darius (Michael Bergin) are now in a relationship, and Mitch's son Hobie (Jeremy Jackson) has started a relationship with Summer Quinn (Nicole Eggert). Taylor manages to lure Mitch back to Baywatch so he can introduce everybody to Allison, and they're all surprised that she looks like Stephanie, especially Mitch's ex Neely Capshaw (Gena Lee Nolin), who shows up in an attempt to get Mitch back and becomes suspicious of Allison.

Meanwhile, C.J. (Pamela Anderson) is opening a bar and grill in Hawaii and invites many of the old lifeguards from Baywatch there for a reunion including Caroline Holden (Yasmine Bleeth), now an actress. Also there are John D. Cort (John Allen Nelson) and Eddie Kramer (Billy Warlock), who starts a relationship with Caroline after being separated from Shauni. Lani McKenzie (Carmen Electra) is now a Hula Dancer and is now good friends with C.J. Also, Kekoa Tanaka (Stacy Kamano) and Jason Ioane (Jason Mamoa) are now in a relationship. C.J. gets a call from Mitch to announce his engagement to Allison and to tell her that they booked their wedding in Hawaii. But while everyone's there, Mitch's old nemesis, Mason Sato (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), takes pictures of his loved ones to plot his revenge against him.

Neely, still suspicious of Allison, gets into a fight with her in the water, in which she discovers her fingerprints on her necklace, which she gives to Jason to give to his detective brother to run a check on her. After they have the engagement party, they take a boat to Haiku Island, where the wedding will take place.

When they arrive there, Sato's men prepare to capture and drown Lani, Cort, Eddie, Caroline, Hobie, and Summer and record it all on video. Also, Neely finds out from Kekoa and Jason that Allison is really a criminal named Judy Radin who served time for forgery and assault with a deadly weapon, and had reconstructive surgery done to look like Stephanie, but Mitch doesn't believe her until he confronts Allison, who reveals her partner: Sato, and he and Mitch fight, and Sato shows Mitch his drowning friends on video, but gives him a chance to save them.

Neely and Mitch go to save Hobie and Summer, Leigh goes to save Cort and Lani, and J.D. goes to save Eddie and Caroline. But after Mitch and Neely save Hobie by performing CPR, Sato and Allison find them and hold them hostage, but Mitch and Sato fight again and Neely punches Allison and takes the gun from her.

Eddie, Caroline, Lani, and Cort get rescued, while Mitch and Sato continue their fight on the rescue boat, and Sato is killed by the propellers of the boat underwater. The Coast Guard arrives to arrest Allison and Sato's henchmen, and Mitch breaks off their engagement. J.D. and Kekoa became lovers again, and as did Jason and Leigh.

C.J. and her co-worker Lorenzo decide to get married so there would be a wedding while everyone watches, and Mitch presumably survive by gets back together with Neely.



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