Baz Mohammad Ahmadi

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Baz Mohammad Ahmadi
Governor of Badakshan
In office
2 May 2009 – 2010
Preceded by Abdul Munshi Majid
Succeeded by Shah Waliullah Adeeb
Governor of Ghor
In office
July 2007 – May 2009
Preceded by Shah Abdul Ahad Afzali
Succeeded by Mohammad Eqbal Munib
Personal details
Political party Jamiat-e Islami
Religion Muslim

Baz Mohammad Ahmadi (Ahmady) is the Deputy Minister of Interior for Counter-Narcotics and the former Governor of Badakhshan, in Afghanistan. He used to be Governor of Ghor Province. Ahmadi is an ethnic Tajik and was a mid-level commander in the Jamiat Islami military alliance under Ahmed Shah Massoud that fought in the civil wars that dominated Afghanistan after the withdrawal of Soviet occupation forces in the early 1990s. After the American-led invasion of 2001, Ahmadi became a high-ranking Afghan defense department functionary, including a posting as Ismail Khan's replacement as military commander of Herat Province.[1]

Ahmadi has been accused of human rights violations by Human Rights Watch due to his actions in the post-Soviet conflict.[2]


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Preceded by
Abdul Munshi Majid
Governor of Badakhshan
Succeeded by
Shah Waliullah Adeeb
Preceded by
Shah Abdul Ahad Afzali
Governor of Ghor
Succeeded by
Mohammad Eqbal Munib