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Bazalgette is a surname, originating in the Cévennes region of Southern France. It is believed that there is a single Bazalgette family that comes from the hamlet of La Bazalgette, situated midway between Mende and Ispagnac in the Lozère département. All those listed below are related and belong to the British branch of the family.

  • Edward Bazalgette, lead guitarist of 80s rock group the Vapors, a BBC television producer and director and third cousin of Peter Bazalgette
  • George Bazalgette, an officer in the Royal Marines, and commander of the Royal Marines Light Infantry in colonial-era British Columbia
  • Ian Willoughby Bazalgette (1918-1944), Canadian recipient of the Victoria Cross and descendant of Joseph Bazalgette
  • John Bazalgette (1784-1868), Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia
  • Sir Joseph Bazalgette (1819-1891), a Victorian civil engineer responsible for the London sewers.
  • Sir Peter Bazalgette, great-great grandson of Joseph, chair of Endemol UK, and producer of Big Brother
  • Simon Bazalgette, group chief executive of The Jockey Club
  • Bazalgette Range, a mountain range in British Columbia named for George Bazalgette