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Genre Alternative, Pop, World, Electronic
  • 25–27 June 2010
  • 12–14 June 2009
  • 14–17 August 2008
  • 24–26 August 2007
Location(s) Norviliškės, Lithuania
Years active 2007–2010

Be2gether or B2G was the largest annual music and arts festival in Baltic countries. Established in 2007, it took place in Norviliškės, Lithuania, just a few meters from the border with Belarus. In 2007 attendance was estimated at 7,000–8,000,[1] while it increased to 12,000 in 2008.,[2] and in 2009 it reached 13,000.

About the festival[edit]

Be2gether was created with a slogan Music Opens Borders to unite people, despite the differences in their culture, nationality, age or social position. To underscore this goal, the festival is held in the so-called Dieveniškės panhandle: Lithuanian territory surrounded by Belarus on three sides. The area is remote and is difficult to reach,[2] as travel across border is restricted as Lithuania is a member of the European Union and Belarus is not. In 2008, Belarusians could receive the needed visas without a fee if they traveled to the festival.[2] Due to festival's proximity to the state border, special security measures have to be undertaken to prevent people from inadvertently crossing the border.[3] The festival is situated in the historic Vilnius Region, inhabited by peoples of Lithuanian, Polish, Belarusian, Russian nationalities. The Renaissance Norviliškės Castle reminds the visitors of shared history under the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.[4]

Be2gether represents different musical flavors, including rock, electronic, world and alternative music. The festival invites mostly international bands. In addition to musical performances, the festival offers other activities, including craft studios, cinema in the open air, sport games, music and dance lessons, sculpture park.[2] The children are offered daycare with their own activities.

Be2gether 2010[edit]

The fourth festival was held on June 25–27, 2010. Be2gether announced that performing bands will include

Be2gether 2009[edit]

The third festival Be2gether was arranged on June 12–14, 2009. Be2gether 2009 included such bands as:

Be2gether 2008[edit]

On August 14, music festival Be2gether started in Vilnius, with a rally to support Georgia in 2008 South Ossetia war,[8] then moved to Norviliškės Castle grounds for main performances on August 15[9] and 16.[1] The festival concluded on August 17. Around 70 performers took part in the festival,[10] including:

*Bakur Burduli

Be2gether 2007[edit]

The first festival was supported by two large scenes and club tent. Part of the money gained from tickets selling was donated to children from Chachersk, injured by the nuclear disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. A DVD of the first festival was distributed with tickets for Be2gether in 2008. The festival boasted performances by 32 artists,[3] including:


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