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Background information
OriginCologne, Germany
Years active2007–2011
Labelsedel music
Alina B.
Dan M.

beFour was a German pop group founded in Cologne. They have had a string of hits stretching from 2007 until 2009. The band's repertoire contains a number of revamped adaptations of well-known songs. The band has released 4 albums in total. The band broke up in December 2010.



In 2007, music producer Christian Geller was looking for a pop group for the German TV station Super RTL. By winning a hip-hop championship, he became aware of Angel Garcia Arjona and introduced him to the concept. Shortly thereafter, he presented himself with his friends Manou, Alina and Dan in Christian Geller's studio, and after a dance demonstration, the band was put together in this formation. In May 2007, the four moved to a shared flat in Cologne.

The first three months after its founding were documented in the Star Diary on Super RTL, for the television show beFour: Das Star-Tagebuch ("The Star Diary") for three months with ten minutes of the band's life shown daily, in addition to sound recordings for the first album were photoshoots, dance lessons and video shoots.


After the release of the debut album All 4 One and the single "Magic Melody", a cover version of the song "Around The World" by ATC, whose have some different lyrics, and based in the song "Pesenka", originally performed by the Russian band Ruki Vverh! in 1998. The song produced by Christian Geller and Adam Bernau, followed promo appearances. More singles have been released, including "How Do You Do?" and "Little, Little Love". BeFour's first big appearance was at The Dome 43 in Hamburg on August 31, 2007. As part of the RTL program The Ultimate Chartshow, the band was awarded the Golden Record for "All 4 One". In addition, the DVD beFour - The Movie! was released.

2007 saw the beginning of the production of the second studio album, Hand in Hand (The Winter Album). It appeared on November 17, 2007. The music video for the single "Hand in Hand" was shot in Phantasialand near Cologne. In March 2008 We Stand United, the band's third studio album, was released. The single "Live Your Dream" was also the German title song for the soundtrack of the movie Horton Hears a Hu!. In summer, a second season of the Star diary was broadcast, which consisted as well as the first of more than 90 episodes. In June the band launched a concert tour. Christian Petru appeared in the pre-program. End of October 2008, the album Hand in Hand (The Winter Album) appeared in a new edition.

On 16 January 2009, the single "No Limit" was released, a remake of the hit by 2 Unlimited.[1][2] The fourth album Friends 4 Ever was released on 6 February 2009. The single "Ding-A-Dong", released on April 17, 2009, climbed to # 61 in Germany for the first week. On December 8, 2010, the group announced the break-up.

Band members[edit]

From left to right: Angel, Manou, Alina and Dan


Manuela "Manou" Oeschger (born February 18, 1984 in Wil (Aargau), Switzerland) had her first stage experience when she was 18. In New York, she studied dance, acting and music.[3]


Alina Bock (born November 2, 1984 in Geilenkirchen) took piano lessons from the age of 6 and is an actress-in-training.[4]


Daniel "Dan" Mollermann (born December 17, 1987 in Berlin) is a German actor. Before joining beFour he was a competitive athlete.[5]


Angel Garcia Arjona (born February 21, 1982 in Velbert) is a German dancer and trained banker. He had several appearances in music videos, for example Jessica Wahls (known from No Angels) - "Du bist wie Ich" ("You are Like Me").[6]


In 2009, the band was criticized for hidden and allegedly prohibited advertising appearances in schools. This happened for the company ASPECTA, a subsidiary of the insurance group Talanx. The flyer distributed at the event said it was the "hit-and-run and unique Befour gift that is nowhere to be found: a CD of unpublished songs and a video message from your stars and a great keychain." For this, the parents have to provide their address and agree by signing to be contacted by an insurance broker ASPECTA Lebensversicherung AG for the purpose of making an appointment for a consultation.

The principals of the schools were only told that they had the "luck" that the tour route of the band would lead past them and the band is therefore happy to make an appearance. Subsequent to the school packages were sent with flyers, which were to be distributed to the children. For heads of schools who disagreed with the distribution, the performance was canceled at short notice because of "lack of support". In particular, it is criticized that children would be abused as "door openers". Parents would have to refuse the children the "gifts" if they do not want to hold sales talks with employees of the insurance group.



Year Title Chart ranking[7]
2007 All 4 One 1 2 1
2007 Hand in Hand (The Winter Album) 10 3 13
2008 We Stand United
  • Release date: April 18, 2008
  • Sales: +100.000 (Golden record) [10]
10 4 10
2009 Friends 4 Ever 7 6 9


Year Title Chart ranking[7] Album
2007 "Magic Melody" 16 11 14 49 All 4 One
2007 "How Do You Do?" / "All 4 One" 12 5 11 30
2007 "Little, Little Love" 27 30 27 176
2007 "Hand in Hand" 27 8 73 152 Hand in Hand (The Winter Album)
2008 "Live Your Dream" 16 17 29 - We Stand United
2009 "No Limit" 21 13 29 72 Friends 4 Ever
2009 "Ding-A-Dong" 61 - - -

Other songs[edit]

  • 2009: "Happy Holiday"
  • 2009: "Come Fly With Me"


  • beFour: der Film! (Release date: September 28, 2007)[11]



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