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GenreSoftware conference
VenueCity Youth Hostel
Most recent2015
Organized byHaiku Support Association e.V.

BeGeistert is an annual (formerly semiannual) users' and developers' conference for the open source operating system Haiku.[1]

The conference usually takes place over a weekend in the autumn of each year in Düsseldorf, Germany. The programme typically consists of demonstrations by European software vendors, coding demonstrations, and workshops and presentations on advancements made in developing Haiku.


BeGeistert originally started as a BeOS conference, playing an important part in its community. For example, developers and representatives of Be Europe and other important contributors attended the conference in the late 1990s. This history is reflected in the conference name, as the use of capitalization in the German word "begeistert" (meaning: "excited") alludes to Be Inc., the developer of the BeOS.

After the bankruptcy of Be Inc. caused the BeOS to be discontinued in the early 2000s, the conference was attended by representatives of the two projects deriving from the BeOS: ZETA, a closed source commercial initiative by yellowTAB based on the source code of an unreleased version of the BeOS, and the Haiku project, an initiative to create an open source operating system that is inspired by and compatible with the latest official release of the BeOS. After yellowTAB's insolvency in 2006, the conference's focus shifted entirely to Haiku. In 2007, feathers similar to those in the Haiku logo were added to the BeGeistert logo to reflect this shift.

The conference is organized and partially funded by the Haiku Support Association e.V., formerly BeFAN e.V.,[2] and also supported by Haiku, Inc. Between 2004 and 2006, Haiku, Inc. also organized an official annual Haiku conference in various places in the United States under the name "WalterCon", which was discontinued due to a "lack of community interest" for the 2007 conference.[3]


In 1998, BeGeistert started as a one-day event, but became a two-day conference since BeGeistert 004,[4] mostly taking place in April and October. As of 2013, the conference is held annually.

Between 2000 and 2008, some conference weekends included coding challenges,[5] which among others resulted in the first localizable version of OpenTracker. Since 2003, it is being organized in the City Youth Hostel in Düsseldorf's Oberkassel neighborhood, except during the youth hostel's reconstruction in 2006. Since 2008, nearly every edition of the conference was either preceded or followed by a coding event, later becoming the Haiku CodeSprint, lasting up to a week.[2]

Each edition of BeGeistert is identified by a three-digit number and a motto that often refers to the current events in the BeOS/Haiku world, such as moving on after the bankruptcy of Be, Inc., or the unveiling of a new (alpha) release of Haiku.

Edition Motto Date Location Comments
BeGeistert 001 December 12, 1998 Düsseldorf -
BeGeistert 002 April 25, 1999 -
BeGeistert 003 "BeOS on Your Doorstep" October 9, 1999 Frankfurt Collocated with the BeDC[6]
BeGeistert 004 "Do It Yourself" April 15–16, 2000[4] Düsseldorf-Eller
BeGeistert 005 "Arena" October 7–8, 2000[5]
BeGeistert 006 "Ghost in the Machine" April 21–22, 2001[4]
BeGeistert 007 "License to Code" October 19–21, 2001
BeGeistert 008 "The Road Ahead" April 5–7, 2002
BeGeistert 009 "Step By Step" October 19–20, 2002
BeGeistert 010 "Brave New World" April 26–27, 2003 Düsseldorf
BeGeistert 011 "NeXTSteps" October 18–19, 2003
BeGeistert 012 "Dirty Dozen" April 17–18, 2004
BeGeistert 013 "(Un)Lucky numbers" October 16–17, 2004
BeGeistert 014 "Dinner for one" April 2–3, 2005
BeGeistert 015 "The 15th Commandment" October 8–9, 2005
BeGeistert 016 "Ich bin ein Berliner" May 20–21, 2006 Berlin-Wannsee
BeGeistert 017 "Marco Polo" December 9–10, 2006 Milan
BeGeistert 018 "Phoenix" January 12–13, 2008 Düsseldorf Coding event prior
BeGeistert 019 "Alphaville" October 11-12, 2008 Coding event
BeGeistert 020 "Twenty Things to Do Before…" April 4–5, 2009 Coding event afterwards
BeGeistert 021 "21st Century OS" October 17–18, 2009 Coding event afterwards
BeGeistert 022 "Return of the Cola-Coder" April 10–11, 2010 Coding event & tutorial day afterwards
BeGeistert 023 "Prime Time" October 23–24, 2010 Coding event prior
BeGeistert 024 "Black Bird" October 29–30, 2011 Coding event
BeGeistert 025 "Silver" March 30 – April 1, 2012 No coding event
BeGeistert 026 "Marathon" November 3–4, 2012 Coding event
BeGeistert 027 "TBC (To Be Continued)" September 14–15, 2013 Coding event afterwards
BeGeistert 028 "Full Metal Package" October 25–26, 2014
BeGeistert 029 "To Be Announced..." November 7–8, 2015
BeGeistert 030 October 29–30, 2016
BeGeistert 031 "The Dirty One" November 1–4, 2018 Hamburg


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