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Type of site
Created by Adrian Ziemkowski, Jamie Wilkinson, Shafer Stockton
Revenue Advertisement
Registration Optional
Launched October 1998
Current status defunct

BeNews, "the place with more Be News," was the leading BeOS news website from 1998 to 2002. The site was founded in Cottonwood, Arizona by Adrian Ziemkowski, Jamie Wilkinson, and Shafer Stockton in October 1998. At its peak the site claimed more than 100,000 daily visitors.[citation needed]

After Be Inc. changed its primary development focus from the BeOS desktop operating system to the BeIA operating system for internet appliances, BeNews articles began appearing less frequently until BeNews finally ceased operating in late 2002.[1]

BeNews featured a continual stream of updates on BeOS community news, reviews, and interviews, software updates provided by BeBits, and a periodically published e-magazine, BeNews Extra. An advertising agency called the BeNews Network was planned but never moved past the development stages. The administration backend of the site was originally developed in HeiTML but later ported to early versions of PHP.

Editing staff included Scot Hacker, Oliver Thylmann, Eugenia Loli-Queru, and more.


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