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Betipul logo.jpg
Created byHagai Levi
Ori Sivan
Nir Bergman
StarringAssi Dayan
Gila Almagor
Meirav Gruber
Ayelet Zurer
Lior Ashkenazi
Maya Maron
Alma Zack
Rami Heuberger
Moni Moshonov
Asi Levi
Niv Zilberberg
Tali Sharon
Theme music composerAvi Belleli
Country of originIsrael
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes80
Running time30 min.
Original networkHOT3
Original releaseAugust 28, 2005 (2005-08-28) –
March 6, 2008 (2008-03-06)
Related showsIn Treatment
En terapia
In Therapie
În Derivă
Na terapiji
En terapia
Bez tajemnic
На терапија
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BeTipul (Hebrew: בטיפול‎; lit. In Therapy) is an Israeli television drama revolving around the personal and professional life of an Israeli psychologist, Reuven Dagan, played by Assi Dayan. The series portrays a psychologist who treats patients at his clinic five days a week and then seeks psychological treatment for himself.[1] Filmmaker Ori Sivan served as the head writer of the series.


As of 2009,[needs update] two seasons have been produced, with co-creators Hagai Levi, Ori Sivan, and Nir Bergman working on a spin-off program in a format similar to the Up series.[2] The program has been adapted for audiences in the United States, Argentina, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal,Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Netherlands, Japan, Canada, Russia, Italy and Brazil.[3]

In the first season, the cast included Assi Dayan as Dagan, Gila Almagor as Dagan's own therapist and mentor, Meirav Gruber as his wife, and Ayelet Zurer, Lior Ashkenazi, Maya Maron, Alma Zack and Rami Heuberger as his patients. The first season was directed by Nir Bergman, Hagai Levi, Ori Sivan, and Uzi Weill. Scriptwriters were Ari Folman, and Asaf Tzipor [he].

In the second season, which began in January 2008, a female therapist was considered for the leading role, but the idea was dropped. Dagan remained the main character. Zack, Heuberger and Almagor continued in their roles from the previous season. Other actors joining the cast were Moni Moshonov, Asi Levi, Niv Zilberberg, and Tali Sharon.

Awards and nominations[edit]

BeTipul in its first season won all the Israeli Academy Awards for a drama series, including Best Drama Series, Best Actor, and Best Actress given to Dayan and Zurer, Best Script, and Best Directing. Maron and Zack were also nominated for Best Actress. In its second season, it was nominated for Best Drama, along with 7 other nominations. Dayan won again the Best Actor award, and Levi and Zack both won the Best Actress award. Season 2 also won the Best Script award.


United States[edit]

An American adaptation entitled In Treatment premiered January 28, 2008 on the American cable network HBO to critical and audience acclaim. The show stars Gabriel Byrne as Dr. Paul Weston, the equivalent character to Reuven Dagan and Dianne Wiest as Gina, Paul's own therapist. Hagai Levi, co-creator of the original show, is one of the executive producers on the American version.[1]

Central Europe[edit]

In April 2009, HBO's Central Europe division acquired format rights for BeTipul from Dori Media Group. It was announced that HBO will produce local versions of the series in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Moldova, for transmission on its channels throughout the region, and that Hagai Levi will serve as its executive producer. The Romanian version was the first to be produced. With Marcel Iureş in the title role and under the name of În derivă ("Adrift"), it premiered on December 6, 2009, on HBO.[4] The Czech version aired on Czech HBO in 2011 under the name Terapie ("Therapy"), starring Karel Roden as therapist Marek Pošta in the main role.[5] The Polish version premiered on October 17, 2011, on HBO under the title Bez tajemnic ("Without Secrets"), starring Jerzy Radziwiłowicz in the main role and with three seasons having aired as of 2013. The Hungarian version titled Terápia ("Therapy"), starring Pál Mácsai, Erika Marozsán premiered on October 22, 2012.


Na terapiji is the title of the Serbian adaptation. It premiered on October 19, 2009 on Fox Televizija. The main actor is Predrag Miki Manojlović as Dr. Ljubomir. The cast also includes: Snežana Bogdanović, Sergej Trifunović, Nenad Jezdić, Tamara Vučković, Nataša Janjić and Dragana Dabović as his patients and Branka Cvitković as Ljubomir's own therapist.[6]


The title of the Dutch adaptation is In therapie. It premiered on July 26, 2010. The director is Alain de Levita. The therapist is played by Jacob Derwig. The other characters are played by Carice van Houten, Elsie de Brauw, Halina Reijn, Dragan Bakema, Gaite Jansen, Frederik Brom, and Kim van Kooten (Derwig's real life wife). The second season of the series aired on July 25, 2011 with Paul as a patient instead of the psychologist, who is played by Peter Blok.


Na terapiji is also the title of the Slovenian version. It premiered on September 26, 2011 on POP Brio. The main actor is Igor Samobor as Dr. Roman. The cast also includes: Maša (Jana Župančič), Matej (Marko Mandić), Zarja (Nika Mansevski), Dana (Maša Drganc), Aleš (Dejan Spasič), and Silva Čušin as his patients, and Ema as Roman's own therapist.


In May 2012, Argentina's public television network, TV Pública, started airing the local adaptation of the show. Titled En terapia (literally "In therapy"),[7] it's starred by local renowned actor (and a former psychiatrist himself) Diego Peretti as Guillermo Montes, the equivalent character to Reuven Dagan, and Norma Aleandro (Season 1 and 2) as Lucía Aranda, Guillermo's own therapist. It aired Mondays to Thursdays around 10:30 p.m. The third and last season was released in 2014.


The Brazilian adaptation of BeTipul premiered in October 1, 2012, on GNT, under the title Sessão de Terapia ("Therapy Session"). Actor Zé Carlos Machado [pt] is cast in the role of Theo Ceccato, the protagonist, and Maria Luísa Mendonça playing Theo's wife Clarice. Veteran actress Selma Egrei [pt] stars as Dora Aguiar, Theo's mentor. Patients are played by Maria Fernanda Cândido, Sérgio Guizé, Bianca Muller, Mariana Lima, and André Frateschi. The series is directed by the Brazilian TV actor Selton Mello.


The Portuguese adaptation of BeTipul premiered in January 4, 2016, on RTP 1, under the title Terapia ("Therapy"). Actor Virgílio Castelo [pt] is cast in the role of Mário Magalhães, the protagonist and equivalent character to Reuven Dagan, and Veteran actress Ana Zanatti [pt] as Graça Ribeiro, Mário's own therapist and mentor. Leonor Silveira plays Theo's wife Catarina Magalhães. Patients are played by Catarina Rebelo, playing Sofia Cruz a 16 year old victim of a car accident, Nuno Lopes playing Alexandre Gomes, a SWAT Operative, Soraia Chaves as Laura Dias a Nurse about to get engaged but in love with someone else, and finally Filipe Duarte and Maria João Pinho [pt] as Jorge and Ana Velez, a couple living an obsessive marriage. The series is directed by Patrícia Sequeira.[8]


A French Canadian adaptation, titled En thérapie, has been airing on TV5 Québec Canada since September 10, 2012.[9][10]


Channel One premiered the Russian adaptation in 2012,[11] titled Без свидетелей (Bez Svideteley) or "Without Witnesses". The first and so far only season consists of 45 episodes of 26 minutes each. While very closely tracking the original BeTipul script, the Russian version features a female in the leading role, played by Ksenia Kutepova as the psychotherapist.[12]


In Treatment is also the title of the Italian version. It premiered on April 1, 2013 on Sky Italia, starring Sergio Castellitto as Dr. Giovanni Mari. The cast includes: Sara (Kasia Smutniak), Dario (Guido Caprino), Alice (Irene Casagrande), Lea (Barbora Bobulova) and Pietro (Adriano Giannini) as Dr. Mari's patients, Eleonora (Valeria Golino) as his Wife and Anna (Licia Maglietta) as Mari's own therapist.


Shinryouchuu -in the Room- (Japanese: 心療中-in the Room-; lit. "Now visiting -in the Room-") is the title of the Japanese adaptation. It premiered on January 12, 2013 on Nippon Television. The main actor is Goro Inagaki as psychologist Ryou Tenma. The main difference from the original show is that Dr. Tenma specialises in treating high school students.


The Croatian version, titled Na terapiji, premiered on September 16, 2013 on Croatian Radiotelevision. The main actor is Elvis Bošnjak as therapist Tomislav Vukov. The cast also includes Ana Karić, Leon Lučev, Goran Bogdan, Dijana Vidušin, Iva Babić, Nina Violić, Žarko Savić, Frane Mašković, Suzana Nikolić and Katarina Strahinić. The screenplay was adapted by Lada Kaštelan.[13][14]


The Macedonian version, titled На терапија, premiered on September 18, 2017 on Sitel (TV channel). The main actor is Nikola Ristanovski as therapist Viktor Terziev. The cast also includes Jelena Jovanova, Tony Naumovski, Angela Dimitrova, Visar Vishka, Dragana Kostadinovska, Bedija Begovska, Amernis Noksikji, Dejan Lilic and others. The screenplay was adapted by Darko Mitrevski, Ognen Georgievski, Eleonora Veninova i Sasho Kokalanov.[15][16]


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