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Be Bench/ The Model Search
Created by bench/
ABS-CBN Corporation
Presented by Piolo Pascual
Kris Aquino
  • Romina Urra-Gonzalez
    Lulu Tan-Gan
    Noel Manapat
    Jun De Leon
    Ariel Lozada
Country of origin Philippines
No. of episodes 8
Running time 60 minutes
Original network ABS-CBN
Original release July 29 – September 16, 2007
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Be Bench/The Model Search, is reality TV show produced by ABS-CBN with bench/. The show is hosted by bench superstar Piolo Pascual and Kris Aquino and was a one-time special series to celebrate the anniversary of bench/ with the aim of discovering to new models (one male and one female) to become the new faces of the brand.

After nationwide auditions in Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao with thousands of aspiring TV stars and bench models, Be Bench/The Model Search has selected the most beautiful, fit and fabulous contestants.

The contestants’ abilities are tested each week as they strive to master the fashion photo shoots, perfect publicity skills and learn the business aspects of becoming the next big thing! All of these happen in front of the camera!

Throughout the series, a panel of leading fashion industry experts will closely evaluate the progress of the models to narrow the field each week. In addition, special guest judges and surprise celebrity mentors will drop by the show to give their two cents worth.

Watch the promising models in their journey to becoming famous. See the hard work and drama behind the glamour and sass of the limelight. Witness how the contestants stand-up to turn their dreams of becoming a Bench model into a reality.

Winners will represent the country’s foremost clothing and lifestyle brand, Bench.

The search will air for 8 Sundays at 10:30pm in ABS-CBN starting July 29. Weekly specials will air every Monday and Saturday, starting July 30, 2007 on Studio 23 and post event specials in Lifestyle Network and Myx.

On November 17, 2011, former Be Bench contestant Kerbie Zamora was involved in a mauling incident that led to a frustrated murder case.[1][2]


30 Semi-Finalist[edit]

Final 12[edit]

Final 6[edit]

Episode Summaries[edit]

The Search Begins[edit]

Original Airdate: July 29, 2007

On the first episode of be Bench, it shows excerpts of Bench and ABS-CBN teams adventure in the nationwide search for potential Be Bench models and ABS-CBN stars. Thousands have auditioned from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Bench and ABS-CBN were at Batangas, Pampanga, Davao, Cebu and Metro Manila, scouring even at most the uncommon places.

Bench endorsers like Richard Gomez, Zanjoe Marudo also shared how they were discovered by their agents. Piolo Pascual and Kris Aquino emphasized how their level of confidence helped them to be who they are today. The top 30 candidates who have surpassed the thousands of competition were presented. By end of the program, only 12 were introduced as the FINAL 12.

The Models Get Make-over[edit]

Original Airdate: August 5, 2007

Top 12 gets a lowdown on improving and maximizing facial and body features to physicalize emotions required in a photo shoot.

Style Team composed of sitting director/stylist Apples Aberin, make up artist Steven Doloso, Bench Chief hairstylist Paolo Olandez and photographer Jun De Leon scrutinized and evaluated all 12 models. Each contestant underwent a makeover as recommended by the style team. Know Michelle, Joey, Rachel, Ron, Martin, Kristine, Kaye, Precious, John, Carlo, Regine and Kerbie more as they reveal their life stories that made them who they are today and see how they are able to use those heartbreaking experiences to their advantage. Noted lensman, Jun De Leon captures it all. Find out how their before and after photos vary and how the Style Council, ABS-CBN/ Bench Team and Text Voters found them: Famous or Anonymous?

The STYLing and Wardrobe Planning[edit]

Original Airdate: August 12, 2007

In third episode, Be Bench models sat down for fashion styling 101 with fashion stylist Chechel Joson. Almost all the important dos and don’ts in self styling! A must know for every model. After the workshop, Chechel put them to the test and brought them to Bench in Trinoma.

Have they got style? Regine, Kerbie, Carlo, John, Michelle, Precious, Martin, Kristine, Ron, and Kaye had fun picking out and putting together clothes and accessories all by themselves. Fun…until they faced photographer Ron Salvacion and fashion stylist/make up artist Chechel Joson. Did they learn anything? Ron of Las Pinas had an all thumbs up from the style team! Not too over the top styling with good print and color combination. “He was the only one who really understood the instructions!” adds Chechel about Ron.

DRESS-IMPRESS-EXPRESS In real life, models are supposed to be mannequins. They should be able to pull off different kind of looks. So last chance! Style team gives all 10 models characters that each of them have to portray with their total look-the works! Make up and hair, outfit… attitude and projection! Models got their acts together as they dressed to impress the style council, ABS-CBN and Bench management, and texters in the DRESS- IMPRESS- EXPRESS challenge.

Fashion Director Ariel Lozada and Fashion Editor Romina Urra-Gonazalez were all praises for Kerbie and Fashion Stylist Noel Manapat expressed approval on Carlo’s sexy cover boy look.

the Models in their Composure[edit]

Original Airdate: August 19, 2007

After Precious left in Episode 3, remaining Be bench models had the chance to learn from one of the best in ramp modeling with 1992 Supermodel of the World Philippines and 1998 Binibining Pilipinas Universe Abbygale Arenas-De Leon. Abby Arenas-De Leon taught the models about the importance of poise, posture and composure in the realm of ramp modeling. One by one, John, Kristine, Michelle, Carlo, Kerbie, Regine, Ron, Kaye and Martin tried to impress the veteran model with their poise and posture. At the Fashion show at SM North Edsa The Block, the models made the supermodel proud when each and everyone of them graced the ramp with poise, posture and composure albeit backstage …and on stage mishaps!

Michelle was surprised to wear pumps with uneven heels! Kerbie’s pants were 4” short of being comfortable while John’s sneakers were 2 sizes small! While Ron was hugged and kissed by a planted fan on stage, Martin got booed by the planted group of guys. Carlo had to wear a pair of pants too big for him. Kristine had to prove to everyone that with wig or no wig, she can strut the runway with flying colors. How about Regine, she almost made it but what? Someone had “accidentally” spilled coffee on her shirt when she was only seconds away from walking down the runway! Kaye’s composure belittled the effort of the production team when she did not even show any sign of notice or annoyance on her freshly vinegar-sprayed outfit, dismissing comments from anyone who notices.

Judges gather from the photos taken by famous photographer, Patrick Uy, that some have performed great, some just good enough to remain in the competition, and some, unfortunately, were found lacking. Out of the remaining 9, Martin of Cebu was eliminated. Joey and Rachel were the first to leave the competition. Precious followed and then now, Martin of Cebu left. Then after a while the competition jerostuff have just flew into the stage with a great smile perhaps this was the first time he have gone in the stage since childhood years. Who will be next? Who will stay till the Grand Finals?

A Model's Endurance and Discipline[edit]

Original Airdate: August 16, 2007

Martin might be thankful that he was voted out already last week after knowing what the remaining models have gone through the week after!John, Kaye, Regine, Michelle, Ron, Kristine, Carlo and Kerbie started the first day of the secret endurance test at 6am, not knowing it’s the start of a series of activities that was planned to test their endurance and discipline.

Day Activities
Day 1
  • Gold’s Gym at Robinsons Galleria with Bench endorser Rafael Rosell
  • Engkatao Guesting at Promenade Greehills
  • Charles & Keith and Face Shop Store Visits at SM North The Block
  • Us Girls guesting at Rockwell
  • Facials at Facial Care, Makati
  • Hairspray Movie Premier Night at SM North The Block
  • Clubbing at Temple Bar
Day 2
  • Dance lessons at ABS-CBN with Choreographer Georcelle Talk
  • Autograph signing at Bench Megamall
  • DZMM and DWRR Radio guestings at ABS-CBN
  • Fashion Show rehearsal at Trinoma
  • Charles & Keith and Pedro store visit at Trinoma
  • Fitting and Make up session for the Fashion Show
  • Fashion Show at Trinoma with the new Kashieca endorser, Bea Alonzo and new Bench endorser, John Lloyd Cruz
  • Pictorial with Marc Nicdao

After the exhausting day that ended morning of the next day already, our models proved that they have learned real value from last week’s episode-Poise, Posture and Composure. But how about endurance and discipline, can they still handle it? May bukas pa! Up very early in the morning then late to bed, gym, dance lessons, guestings, autograph signing, fashion show and night outs? …Only the fittest and who has the strongest level of endurance and determination will be able to produce a winning picture.

At the pictorial, test of endurance pa din! John, Kaye, Regine, Michelle, Ron, Kristine, Carlo and Kerbie posed... er moved for fashion and advertising photographer Marc Nicdao. The reveal-lets see how far their endurance took them. Were they able to move it and project? Michelle, Kaye and Carlo were left at the bottom 3. Still, it wasn’t Michelle’s time and neither was it for the first-timer at the bottom 3, Carlo. Be bench/The Model Search said goodbye to Kaye of Davao.

The Models for their Speech & Voice Projection[edit]

Original Airdate: August 26, 2007

To be a complete model, one should appear in print, TV and perform on ramp. Our top 7: Regine of Quezon City, Carlo of Pasay, Michelle of Davao, Kerbie of Rizal, Kristine of Bulacan, Ron of Las Pinas, John of Quezon City broadens their horizons as they learn about what it takes to be more than regular talents but also celebrity endorsers!

3 girls and 4 boys sat on an acting workshop with Be Bench and latest Bench TVC director, Direct Onat Diaz; Speech and Voice projection with communication and imaging consultant Ms. Marisyllples Pengson of John Robert Powers. All the work for their first ever Bench TV commercial shoot experience- Be Bench models do their version of the latest TV commercial starred by top Bench endorsers, Kris Aquino, Lucy Torres, Piolo Pascual, Richard Gomez, etc.

The boys, John, Carlo, Ron and Kerbie did the scene of Jon Avila, Bruce Quebral, Rafael Roselle. The girls did the combined scenes of Lucy Torres and Piolo Pascual. Ron’s best yet! Style councils were in unison about how great Ron performed. Finally, Michelle thought she had it in the bag when Direct Onat noticed and praised her acting, Michelle is an angel. Sobrang minimal ng direction, she’s really giving it all her, She’s the best sa mga girls, On the 6th week, Kerbie was sent home. Next week, only Regine, Carlo, Michelle, Kristine, Ron, and John will continue. Two weeks to go 'till before the finals!

Models Making their Portfolio[edit]

Original Airdate: September 2, 2007

One week to go. Regine, John, Carlo, Michelle, Kristine and Ron faces their last test! The making of the portfolio. And for the test, first Asian supermodel Anna Bayle was in the Philippines to give them invaluable tips on putting together their portfolio. Anna Bayle wowed the top 6 with her portfolio from photoshoots with world-renowned photographers and world class brands. From supermodel Anna Bayle’s lecture, Be bench top 6 models start to work on their portfolio beginning with the print ad layout.

International photographer, Darren Tieste gave a lecture on projecting for a print ad. The test, each model will have to effectively encourage or convince consumers to buy the product they picked out. Another for print, Darren Tieste shows the final 6 the print version of the television commercial they did last week. With leading teen magazine, we will know who’s worthy of a cover. Chalk Magazine’s creative director/fashion editor Kat Cruz and Stylist Bianca Santiago and Rex Atienza and photographer Frank Hoefsmit were the style team for the Magazine Cover test. The challenge, with Bench as a Global brand, be bench models will each be representing a city. Photographer’s direction, only project with the eyes! No smiling.

The final test - the billboard pictorial. Regine, John, Carlo, Ron, Kristine William and Michelle, 2nd chance to impress the master photographer Jun De Leon! As part of the billboard pictorial preparation, headshots and crazy pose! For the headshots, to achieve desired concept, style councilor Noel Manapat, hair and make up artist Krist Bansuelo team up to give the top 6 a sophisticated look. How much has the final 6 improved? From Jun De Leon himself: “Good shot!”, “Everybody’s into it”, “It was great”. See for yourself what he saw that made him praise our final 6.

Now, for the style council assessment. Finally, style council was all praises to remaining be bench models. Models were presented with their hard earned portfolio by the style councilors that watched them transform to the models that they are now. Surprise! See video gallery for the big revelation of the Be Bench models' first ever billboard!

The Famous: Carlo and Regine[edit]

Original Airdate: September 9, 2007

On the season finale of be Bench/The model Search the final six staged their model looks and strut the runway at the Be Bench 20 years of Style! Carlo, Jon, Ron, Kristine, Michelle, and Regine opens the program in their very feisty model-look wearign the some contemporary line from Bench line of clothing.

In the end two model wannabee Carlo Guevarra and Regine Angeles came into the famous spot and named as the new models for Bench family.


  • Romina Urra-Gonzalez, Fashion Editor, CHALK Magazine
  • Lulu Tan-Gan, Fashion Designer
  • Noel Manapat, Fashion Stylist
  • Jun De Leon, Noted Lensman (episode 1)
  • Ariel Lozada, Fashion Director

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