Be Happy (TV series)

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Be Happy
Written by Winnie Wong
Lim Gim Lan
Starring Fann Wong
Chen Hanwei
Zhang Yaodong
Paige Chua
Guo Liang
Vivian Lai
Zen Chong
Apple Hong
Wayne Chua
Opening theme "向爱拥抱" by Fann Wong and Chen Hanwei
Ending theme "忙" by Fann Wong
Country of origin Singapore
Original language(s) Chinese
No. of episodes 20 (list of episodes)
Producer(s) Winnie Wong
Running time approx. 45 minutes
Original network MediaCorp Channel 8
Picture format 16:9 Widescreen
Original release 15 March – 11 April 2011
Preceded by A Tale of 2 Cities
Followed by The In-Laws
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Be Happy (simplified Chinese: 生日快乐; traditional Chinese: 生日快樂) is a Singaporean Chinese drama which was telecasted on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp Channel 8. It made its debut on 15 March 2011 and ended on 11 April 2011. This drama serial consists of 20 episodes, and was screened on every weekday night at 9.00 pm. This drama would be the second drama to be broadcast in Dolby Digital after Breakout.


40-year-old Zhang Weijian is a copywriter in an advertising firm, whom suffers in silence under his abusive boss Ken all because he lacks paper qualifications. Having made plans for his retirement, he is penny-pinching and shuns credit cards. Weijian's nondescript life ends when he is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given less than a year to live. Rather than wasting time and money on painful treatments, he keeps his illness to himself and goes on a spending spree. While living the high life, Wei Jian meets the dauntless Big S, whose dream is to become a Superwoman.

Big S, whose real name is Xiao Kaixin, is a 38-year-old single and a former stage 4 cancer patient. She is a popular radio deejay and hosts a programme on societal issues, with a hotline for listeners. Believing that her life is prolonged because she has been entrusted with a mission, Big S sets about doing charitable work. During a rescue attempt, Weijian encounters Big S. The initial animosity between them due to differences in opinions is tempered when Weijian discovers that Big S is a former cancer patient. He learns to appreciate her and eventually she becomes his soul mate.


  • Fann Wong as Xiao Kaixin (Big S) (Radio DJ, now wheelchair-bound)
  • Chen Hanwei as Zhang Weijian (Former copywriter in advertising firm, now still a copywriter in another office)
  • Paige Chua as Bai Xiuming (Weijian's wife, works in interior design company)
  • Zhang Yaodong as Cheng Fang (Doctor, became Big S's husband)
  • Guo Liang as Lan Yanzhi (Boss of interior design company)
  • Vivian Lai as Mable (Big S's younger sister-in-law)
  • Apple Hong as Josephine (Lackey of Ken)
  • Zen Chong as Ken See (Former boss of advertising firm)
  • Wayne Chua as Wang Jingjing (Villain, Cheng Fang's ex-girlfriend)


  • There are no nominations for this drama in Star Awards 2012.
  • This drama is currently encoring from 18 April 2012 to 15 May 2012 at 5.30pm. Unriddle 2 was supposed to make a quick encore the weekday after Bountiful Blessings's encore finale, which is on the timespan stated, but the channel wanted to encore this drama due to strong rating symbol guide in Singapore media.

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