Be Sure to Share

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Be Sure to Share
Directed by Sion Sono
Written by Sion Sono
Starring Akira
Eiji Okuda
Ayumi Ito
Keiko Takahashi
Cinematography Shogo Ueno
Release dates
  • July 5, 2009 (2009-07-05) (New York Asian Film Festival)
Running time
108 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Be Sure to Share (ちゃんと伝える Chanto Tsutaeru?) is a 2009 Japanese film written & directed by Sion Sono. It screened at the 2009 New York Asian Film Festival.


Shiro’s struggle with his father’s cancer and impending death leads to a realization that he must communicate his love and admiration for him before it’s too late. A series of flashbacks reveals their relationship over time, and the trouble Shiro faced connecting to his strict father who was also his teacher and soccer coach. With a consuming secret of his own, Shiro, now in his late 20s and about to get engaged, must eventually learn how to share it with his loved ones.

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