Be the One (Moby song)

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"Be the One"
Single by Moby
from the album Destroyed
Released February 11, 2011 (2011-02-11)[1]
Genre Electronica
Songwriter(s) Moby
Moby singles chronology
"Be the One"
"The Day"
"Be the One"
"The Day"

"Be the One" is song by electronica musician Moby, released as a single and EP on February 15, 2011 in conjunction with the announcement of his album Destroyed.

Music videos[edit]

All three songs on the EP have a music video self-shot by Moby:

  • "Be the One" - Shot by Moby while flying from New York to Los Angeles. and edited by Jo Haggis.[2] The video features an extreme close-up of Moby singing directly into the camera while he is walking around in different locales. It reportedly represents the drudgery of touring.[3]
  • "Sevastopol" - Shot by Moby while flying to Brazil to DJ with Carl Cox.[4] The video documents the trip with a first-person perspective, including shots of Moby riding in a taxi, flying in a plane, and performing at a show.
  • "Victoria Lucas" - Shot by Moby at night in Los Angeles[5] The video features black and white shots of the city that move to the music with a kaleidescope-effect.


The Be the One EP is available for free as a digital download on Moby's website and contains three tracks from Destroyed.[6][7]


"Be the One" was rated "Track of the Day" by Q on March 7, 2011.[8]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Be the One"
  2. "Sevastopol"
  3. "Victoria Lucas"


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