Be the One (EP)

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Be the One
EP / Single by Moby
Released February 15, 2011[1]
Recorded 2009–2011
Producer Moby
Moby chronology
Wait for Me. Remixes!
Be the One

Be the One is an extended play released by electronica musician Moby. It was released on February 15, 2011, in conjunction with the announcement of the album, Destroyed.. The EP is available for free as a digital download on Moby's website. According to Q magazine, it uses "vintage analogue equipment and minimalist production" to "capture the opposing senses of anxious isolation and quiet solitude felt while touring the world"[2]

It contains three tracks from Destroyed.[3][4]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Be the One"
  2. "Sevastopol"
  3. "Victoria Lucas"

Music videos[edit]

All three songs on the EP have a music video self-shot by Moby:

  • "Be the One" - Shot by Moby while flying from New York to Los Angeles. and edited by Jo Haggis.[5] The video features an extreme close-up of Moby singing directly into the camera while he is walking around in different locales. It reportedly represents the drudgery of touring.[6]
  • "Sevastopol" - Shot by Moby while flying to Brazil to DJ with Carl Cox.[7] The video documents the trip with a first-person perspective, including shots of Moby riding in a taxi, flying in a plane, and performing at a show.
  • "Victoria Lucas" - Shot by Moby at night in Los Angeles[8] The video features black and white shots of the city that move to the music with a kaleidescope-effect.


The title track was Q magazine's Track of the Day on March 7, 2011.[2]


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