Be with You (Enrique Iglesias song)

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"Be with You"
Be With You2.jpg
US CD single cover
Single by Enrique Iglesias
from the album Enrique
B-side "Sólo me importas tú"
Released 24 February 2000 (2000-02-24)
Recorded Fall 1999; Hyde Park (London)
Length 3:40
Label Interscope
Enrique Iglesias singles chronology
"Rhythm Divine"
"Be with You"
"Could I Have This Kiss Forever"
"Rhythm Divine"
"Be With You"
"Could I Have This Kiss Forever"

"Be with You" ("Sólo me importas tú" in Spanish countries) is a song performed by Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias. It was co-written by Iglesias and, produced by Mark Taylor and Brian Rawling, the team responsible for Cher's hit song "Believe". Iglesias once stated that he initially came up with the lyrics of the song while taking a break from recording in London's Hyde Park. The song was released as the second single from Iglesias' debut English studio album, Enrique, in 2000. The song was successful, particularly in the U.S where it was Iglesias' second number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100. The song received a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording.

Commercial performances[edit]

"Be with You" became Iglesias' second number-one single in the U.S.. It also topped the Billboard dance charts and also charted in the top ten in Spain. The Spanish version of the song ("Sólo me importas tú") reached peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks.

Music videos[edit]

The official music video for this single was directed by Dave Meyers and starts out with Iglesias and a bunch of friends (played by Iglesias' real life friends including Gerardo Mejía) stopping at a road side store. While messing around in the store Iglesias makes eye contact with the shy girl working the counter, his love interest in the video (played by Shannon Elizabeth). When the group leaves the store, Iglesias drives their jeep while the others perform various stunts including car surfing and interacting with young women in another jeep riding beside them.

The group stops at a foot of Vasquez Rocks where Iglesias notices Elizabeth, now wearing more provocative clothes and with a lot more confidence; he and the group follow her to a Nightclub (the now closed Point Night Club in Los Angeles) where Iglesias searches the packed dance floor for his love interest when the music stops and changes to that of the popular Thunderpuss 2000 remix which builds up with shots of break dancers until the music turns back to the album version of the song. Iglesias manage to find Elizabeth who gropes him and leads him out of the club. Outside, the two kiss as fireworks go off. The entire video is intercut with shots of Iglesias singing in front of a tribal background.

The video debuted on MTV's Total Request Live in February 2000. It was Iglesias' first video to make it to number one on the popular chart show. Some airing of the video on MTV cut out the section of the video featuring the Thunderpuss 2000 remix. Music stations such as Much Music and various stations throughout Europe aired a version which featured the full album version of the song.

The Spanish version of the video is exactly the same as the English version, with the exception of Iglesias mouthing the words in Spanish in front of the tribal background and when he interacts with Elizabeth.

Track listings[edit]

German CD[1]
  1. "Be with You" (Album Version)
  2. "Be with You" (Thunderpuss 2000 Radio Mix)
  3. "Be with You" (Fernando Garibay's Club Mix)
U.S CD[2]
  1. "Be with You" (LP version) — 3:39
  2. "Sólo me importas tú" ("Be with You" Spanish Version) — 3:39
U.S vinyl[3]
  1. "Be with You" (Thunderpuss Club Mix) — 8:16
  2. "Be with You" (Thunderdub) — 8:16
  3. "Be with You" (Mijangos Club Mix) — 8:52
  4. "Be with You" (Mijangos Recycled Dub) — 7:16


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