Bea Evenson Fountain

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Bea Evenson Fountain
Bea Evenson Fountain 3.jpg
The fountain in 2016
ArtistHomer Delawie
LocationSan Diego
CoordinatesCoordinates: 32°43′53″N 117°08′49″W / 32.73147°N 117.14682°W / 32.73147; -117.14682

Bea Evenson Fountain is an outdoor fountain in San Diego's Balboa Park, in the U.S. state of California.[1][2][3][4]

Designed by noted modernist architect Homer Delawie,[5] the fountain honors Bea Evenson (1900–1981), the founding president of the park's Committee of 100, organized in the late 1960s to save or reconstruct the buildings of the Panama–California Exposition of 1915.[4]

Built in 1972 on the Plaza de Balboa,[1] the fountain was dedicated to Evenson in May 1981.[3]


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