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The word beacon can refer to several things:

  • Beacon, traditionally a fire lit on a hill to attract attention.
  • Electric beacon, a type of beacon used with direction finding equipment to find one's relative location.
  • Aerodrome beacon, a lighting device which indicates the location of a civilian airport.
  • Distress radiobeacon, a tracking transmitter that aids in the detection and location of boats, aircraft, and/or persons in distress.
  • Beacon mode service, a simple signal that some space probes use to indicate their status.
  • Web beacon, used to track a user's visit of web pages.
  • Belisha beacon, a flashing light atop a black-and-white pole placed at pedestrian crossings.
  • Beacon (Facebook), a part of Facebook's Ads system that collects and publishes activities of its users from external websites.
  • Beacon frame, one of the management frames in IEEE 802.11 based WLANs.
  • Beacon (supercomputer), an Appro International, Inc. Xtreme-X Supercomputer named Beacon, deployed by NICS of the University of Tennessee, which tops the current Green500 list.

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