Beacon Hill, Hong Kong

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Beacon Hill, Hong Kong
HK BeaconHill.JPG
Beacon Hill
Traditional Chinese煙墩山
Simplified Chinese烟墩山
Alternative Chinese name
Traditional Chinese筆架山
Simplified Chinese笔架山
Chun Shek Estate with Beacon Hill located in the background.

Beacon Hill (Chinese: 煙墩山 or Chinese: 筆架山; Cantonese Yale: Pat Ka Shan) is a large hill in the northern part of the Kowloon peninsula in Hong Kong. It is the 65th-highest hill of Hong Kong and is 457m tall.

Beacon Hill is located within the Lion Rock Country Park. The tower and its relevant equipment on the top of Beacon Hill is not open to the public and is a secured facility controlled and maintained by the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department.[1]


The hill's name date back to the Great Clearance between 1661 to 1669, which required the complete evacuation of the coastal areas of Kowloon in Hong Kong in order to fight against and then subsequently defeat the anti-Qing movement that was first started and largely led (initially) by surviving Ming Dynasty loyalists (carrying on the struggle against the new Manchu-formed Qing Dynasty). Qing military garrisons were created and stationed throughout most of Kowloon's coastal areas to enforce the Qing government's decree in locations which later became referred to as beacons.[2]

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Coordinates: 22°20′59″N 114°10′13″E / 22.349701°N 114.170144°E / 22.349701; 114.170144