Beady Belle

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Beady Belle
Origin Oslo, Norway
Years active 1999 (1999)–present
Labels Jazzland Recordings
Website Official website
Members Beate S. Lech
Marius Reksjø
Erik Holm

Beady Belle (established 1999 in Oslo, Norway) is a Norwegian Jazz band founded by Beate S. Lech in collaboration with her bassist and future husband Marius Reksjø,[1] after having been encouraged to make a record by Bugge Wesseltoft at Jazzland Recordings.[2][3]


Lech and Reksjø studied music together at the University of Oslo, and as music students they started several bands together. Their music flows in the landscape between jazz and acid-jazz, using upbeat and downbeat electronica roots, using vocal harmonies, piano, and strings. However, the music also incorporates elements of several other genres.[4]

From 2003, things really start to happen, both commercially and critically, and now Beady Belle is an internationally known band. After a concert in London during a European tour in 2005, the UK jazz performer Jamie Cullum came backstage to talk with the band. That meeting sparked a big tour over UK and some concerts in Germany, France, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, with Beady Belle as Cullum's supporting act. In 2008, they appeared at the Calgary Jazz Festival in Canada.[5]

Band members[edit]


  • 2001: Home (Jazzland Recordings)
  • 2003: Cewbeagappic (Jazzland Recordings)
  • 2005: Closer (Jazzland Recordings)
  • 2008: Belvedere (Jazzland Recordings)
  • 2010: At Welding Bridge (Jazzland Recordings)
  • 2013: Cricklewood Broadway (Jazzland Recordings)
  • 2015: Songs From a Decade - The Best of Beady Belle (Jazzland Recordings)


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