Beagle (software)

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Developer(s)Beagle Team
Final release
0.3.9 / January 26, 2009; 14 years ago (2009-01-26)
Written inC#
Operating systemLinux, other Unix and Unix-like systems
TypeSearch tool
LicenseA mix of the X11/MIT License and the Apache License
Old user interface for Beagle, code named Best

Beagle is a search system for Linux and other Unix-like systems, enabling the user to search documents, chat logs, email and contact lists. It is not actively developed.[1]

Beagle grew out of Dashboard,[2] an early Mono-based application for watching and presenting useful information from a user's computer. It is written in C# using Mono and uses a port of Lucene to C# called Lucene.Net as its indexer. Beagle includes a Gtk#-based user interface, and integrates with Galago for presence information.

Beagle was developed and maintained by Joe Shaw with help from the open source community. Notable contributors included Jon Trowbridge, Robert Love, Nat Friedman and David Camp.


Beagle searches the content of documents and associated metadata. Users can search for:

Beagle can also index additional file types not natively supported using external tools through a configuration file.

On Linux, Beagle efficiently indexes documents using inotify without the need for frequent reindexing.

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