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Beaman is thought to be either:

A surname of Norman origin from the English midlands. The name is an Anglicisation of the French Beaumont. It is claimed that English bearers of the name descended from Henry de Beaumont (died 1340).[1]

Since it is a surname common in the Anglo-Welsh border regions, it has also been claimed that the surname is derived from 'ab Edmond' in the mid Anglo-Welsh border regions when surnames became more widely adopted prior to the 1500s. Historic evidence for this is provided by "Welsh Border Surnames from Ab Edmond" at [2]This is supported by the continuing concentration of people with this surname in thisis area he 19th century, as evidenced by census data presented through the GB Names Public Profiler. Ref: [3]

List of persons with the surname Beaman[edit]

List of persons with the surname Beman[edit]

List of persons with the surname Beeman[edit]


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