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IndustryApparels, accessories
Key people
Park Chul Gyu
ProductsClothing, accessories, sports
ParentSamsung C&T

BEANPOLE established in 1989, is a South Korean fashion brand owned by SAMSUNG C&T Fashion group. BEANPOLE is one of the biggest premium casual brand in Korea known for its quality and sophisticated designs. It produces seven distinctive lines (BEANPOLE MEN, BEANPOLE LADIES and BEANPOLE KIDS); as well as accessories (BEANPOLE ACCESSORY), golf wear (BEANPOLE GOLF), and Sports fashion/equipment (BEANPOLE SPORTS).[1] Towards the end of 2019 they added the ‘890311’ to their list of sub-brands.[2]


Since 1989, BEANPOLE's successful fusion between traditional and contemporary British fashion culture has soon led it to become one of the top brands in India In the past decade, BEANPOLE has gradually expanded internationally, with the majority of its shops located in Asia. There are 476 shops worldwide especially in Korea (372), China(104) . In 2019, BEANPOLE has marked 30 years since its launch by undergoing a major renewal. The label’s new identity features Korean retro and street-inspired apparel as well as other classic looks. Marking its 30th anniversary, this rebranding means being reborn as a sustainable brand with a new image encompassing products, stores, and visuals.


A depiction of the adjustments made to the Bean Pole logo over the years.

Since its establishment, BEANPOLE has continuously adjusted its logo, making minor changes. Some of the most obvious changes can be found in the company’s new logos in 2019. BEANPOLE has made a new Hangeul logo using its brand identity and distinctive design. The distinctiveness from the Korean letters, containing the root, culture and emotions of Koreans, have the power and attraction that appeals to all generations. Furthermore, BEANPOLE created an exclusive font and also a unique check pattern by stylishly designing and incorporating Hangeul consonants such as “ㅂ” and “ㅍ”.[3]


* BEANPOLE MEN : It originated with the brand’s establishment in 1989. This classic line redefined with originality and authenticity, targets men aged 20~30s.,[4]

* BEANPOLE LADIES : In 2001 BEANPOLE LADIES was introduced to provide fashion for women in their 20s and 30s. Like all BEANPOLE products, this label is driven by modernity and sustainability, targeting sophisticated women.

* BEANPOLE GOLF : BEANPOLE GOLF was also launched in the same year of BEANPOLE LADIES'. This label aims to produce classic golf wear redefined with style and performance, targeting golfers who are looking for fashionable and functional golf wear[4]

* BEANPOLE KIDS : BEANPOLE KIDS was launched in 2003. This label markets classic products redefined with comfort and practicality, targeting aged 6 to 12yrs. It ranked No.1 among the kids brand in Korea (2016).[4]

* BEANPOLE ACCESSORY : Introduced in 2004, BEANPOLE ACCESSORY is a Korean classic and contemporary accessory brand. This label targets men and women aged 25 to 35 yrs.[4]

* BEANPOLE SPORTS : BEANPOLE SPORTS, launched in 2018, newly features the “Original” line by adding a sporty sensibility to BEANPOLE's unique identity. The “Active” line a upgraded version of the functional wear that pursues sophisticated sportism with a touch of fashion.

* 890311 : In 2019, BEANPOLE launched a special line titled “890311”, inspired by the brand’s launching date, March 11, 1989. This line aims to target young and trendy street casual brand inspired by Korean retro from the 60-70s and popular work wear based on BEANPOLE’s heritage and history.

Partnerships and Collaborations[edit]

In 2010 BEANPOLE paired with IDEO, an international design firm, to expand the borders of BEANPOLE. The contribution of IDEO’s support, successfully helped BEANPOLE to infiltrate the foreign markets, as they now have over 400 stores across Asia and a number of sub-brands across the globe.[5] BEANPOLE, has worked alongside: Carlos Osman (2009), Juun.J (2010), Band of Outsiders (2010),[6] Kim Jones (2011),[7] Fashion blogger The satorialist (2011), and Christophe Lemaire (2012);[8] and has partnered with Liberty London / Opening Ceremony, which contributed to their global expansion in the fashion industry.[4][9][10] BEANPOLE also officially supported Olympic uniforms for Korean representatives in both London(2012) and Rio(2016). For sustainable and eco-friendly commitment, 'The Bike We Like' campaign has been conducted since 2018, upcycling abandoned bikes and donating communities in need.

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