Bean sprouts chicken

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Bean sprouts chicken
CourseLunch and dinner
Place of originMalaysia
Region or statePerak
Main ingredientsChicken, rice and mung bean sprout

Bean sprouts chicken (Cantonese transliteration: Ngah Choi Kai; or Malay: Taugeh Ayam) is a dish similar to Hainanese chicken rice, the only difference being the dish comes with a plate of beansprouts. The steamed chicken is served with light soy sauce flavoured with oil.

People usually eat rice as an accompaniment; however sometimes people can also choose to accompany the chicken and bean sprout with a bowl of flat white noodles (Cantonese transliteration: Hor Fun) (Simplified Chinese: 河粉) clear chicken soup.


This dish can be found in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia, where the bean sprouts are known to be crunchy and succulent, thanks to the hard water from the limestone hills in the surrounding Kinta Valley.

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