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Beanie Babies 2.0 are a brand of stuffed toys, a spinoff of the popular Beanie Babies line, announced on January 2, 2008.[1][2] The group was introduced following the retirement of all retail Beanie Babies (barring exclusive international and store-specific styles as well as licensed characters) that had been produced prior to 2004.

Each beanie comes with a special code. Once the buyer enters the code on Ty's website, the buyer is granted access to an online environment in which the user can gather points and communicate with other users through chat services. The chat is similar to other child-friendly games, such as Club Penguin, which allow pre-selected prompts to be used if the user has not been given permission (presumably from their parents) to access the full chat. Full chat is simply typed chat.

Prompts may also be used in addition to full chat. The website offers various activities, including opportunities to make friends. Buyers with a Ty Girlz account and a Beanie Baby 2.0 also have access to the Beanie Babies 2.0 site.[3]

With Bo the Portuguese Water Dog being the last official Beanie Baby 2.0 announced in April 2009, and the introduction of a new offshoot line of Beanie Babies called Beanie Boos, it was unclear as to whether Ty had discontinued production of Beanie Babies 2.0 or whether future releases would be announced. In January 2010 in the new Ty spring catalog, the Beanie Babies 2.0 styles were shown to have been merged with the regular Beanie Babies, thus confirming that the line had been discontinued. For some time the online site still maintained its functionality and many Beanie Baby 2.0 styles still remain current. However, many styles such as Ming the panda bear and Topper the giraffe now sport original Beanie Baby hang tags without codes.

On June 7, 2013, the Beanie Babies 2.0 virtual world was officially closed along with the Ty Girlz virtual world.[4]

List of Beanie Babies 2.0[edit]

The following is a complete listing of all Beanie babies 2.0. The line has been discontinued as of May 2009, but some new ones were released in July 2009 as Teenie Beanies, along with some originals.

  • Aussie the koala
  • Baabet the lamb - Retired November 2008
  • Bo the portuguese water dog
  • Bubble Gum the zebra (a winning design of the Make My Beanie Contest) - Retired March 2009
  • Cargo the bulldog - Retired via Ty retailer site November 2010
  • Charlie the cow [a winning design of the Make My Beanie Contest] - Retired March 2009
  • Cleo the monkey
  • Chill the penguin
  • Chompy the alligator
  • Clipper the dolphin
  • Cricket the cat - Retired November 2010
  • Duchess the poodle - Retired October 2008
  • Eggs 2008 the bear - reissued April 2010 as part of the original Beanie Babies line
  • Fable the unicorn - Retired April 2010
  • Fletch the golden retriever - Retired October 2010
  • Fluffball the guinea pig - Retired April 2008
  • Frank the dachshund - reissued April 2010 as part of the original Beanie Babies line
  • Frolics the cocker spaniel
  • Heartland the bear
  • Henley the chicken
  • Hopsy the bunny - Retired December 2010
  • Hutches the bunny - Ty Store exclusive; Retired May 2011
  • Hydrant the dalmatian - Retired April 2010
  • Jumps the frog - Retired April 2008
  • Jungle the langur monkey
  • Lefty the donkey
  • Love to Mom the bear
  • Luckier the bear
  • Maiden the ladybug - Retired April 2010
  • McLucky the bear - Ty Store exclusive; Retired March 2009
  • Midas the lion
  • Ming the panda bear - reissued April 2010 as part of the original Beanie Babies line; retired March 2011
  • Motherly the bear - Hallmark exclusive; Retired January 2009
  • Oasis the tiger
  • Pico the chihuahua - Retired April 2008
  • Pops the gorilla
  • Purry the cat - Retired May 2008
  • Princess the poodle
  • Quackly the duck - Retired March 2009
  • Rascal the labradoodle - Retired April 2008
  • Ricky the raccoon
  • Righty the elephant
  • Saddle the horse
  • Scaredy the cat
  • Scholars the bear (2008 release with the mortarboard) - Retired April 2010
  • Scholars the bear (2009 release without the mortarboard)
  • Shearsly the lamb - Retired November 2008
  • Skunkers the skunk - Retired via Ty retailer site March 2011
  • Sledder the husky - reissued April 2010 as part of the original Beanie Babies line
  • Slithery the snake
  • Sniffs the pig
  • Splits the flamingo
  • Topper the giraffe - reissued April 2010 as part of the original Beanie Babies line
  • Trooper the doberman
  • Vines the monkey - Born in May 3 2010
  • Woolsy the lamb - Retired November 2008
  • Yule the beaver

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