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Beanotown is a fictional town somewhere in the United Kingdom which is the setting for the majority of the strips in the popular children's comic, The Beano as well as the hometown of most of its characters. Information in the Beano on the town's depiction and location is largely inconsistent.

Known locations include Bash Street School and Beanotown Woods (home of Splodge). There is also a home for retired Beano characters.

In several stories it is revealed the Beanotown local authorities make money by allowing tourist buses, one which being a 'Menace Tour'.

According to one edition of the comic in the 1980s Beanotown is apparently next to Whizztown (home of Billy Whizz, however later comics contradict this and give Billy's home as Beanotown), near the village of Bunkerton which has a castle where Lord Snooty lives, near the town of Burnham the home of Billy the Cat and Katie as well as being close to General Jumbo's hometown of Dinchester. Presumably, Beanotown is close to Dandytown. There is a long term rivalry between the two towns (just like the two comics). They also have football teams that play in the same league. On an older version of the Beano's website a map of Beanotown showed there was even a Dandytown embassy in Beanotown.

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  • Fulchester, the equivalent hometown for the characters of Viz comic.