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People nicknamed Bear or the Bear include:

  • Albert the Bear (c. 1100–1170), Margrave of Brandenburg
  • James Brady (1940–2014), press secretary to U.S. President Ronald Reagan and shooting victim
  • Bear Bryant (1913–1983), American college football coach
  • Dainton Connell (1961–2007), Arsenal hooligan leader known as "The Bear", assistant to the Pet Shop Boys
  • Edward Ellice (merchant) (1783–1863), British merchant and politician known as "The Bear"
  • Bear Grylls (born 1974), British adventurer and television presenter
  • Bear McCreary (born 1979), musician and composer
  • Owsley Stanley (1935–2011), underground LSD cook known as "The Bear"
  • Cameron White (born 1983), Australian cricketer
  • Raymond Wolf (1904–1979), American football and baseball player and coach

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