Bear Creek, Saskatchewan

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Bear Creek is located in Saskatchewan
Bear Creek
Bear Creek
Location of Bear Creek in Saskatchewan

Bear Creek is a northern settlement[1] in northwest Saskatchewan located on Highway 155. This community of 47 people[2] is midway between the towns of Buffalo Narrows to the south and La Loche to the north and near the junction of Highway 909 that leads to Turnor Lake to the east. The chairman of this northern settlement is Dean Herman.[3] The northern settlement is an unincorporated community in the Northern Saskatchewan Administration District.

The community is located on Bear Creek which flows south from Linvall Lake and Palmbere Lake to Peter Pond Lake.

Another Bear Creek was once located in the Qu'Appelle District of southern Saskatchewan. It had a post office which opened on June 10, 1935 and closed on June 15, 1963.[4]

Coordinates: 56°17′54″N 108°56′15″W / 56.29833°N 108.93750°W / 56.29833; -108.93750


After Highway 155 was built in the 1960s several families from La Loche built homes there.


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