Bear Hunter

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Bear Hunter
Personal details
Died January 29, 1863
Bear River, Idaho
Known for leading Shoshoni at Battle of Bear River

Bear Hunter (died January 29, 1863), "also known as Wirasuap (bear spirit)"[1] was a Shoshone chief of the Great Basin in the 1860s. He and his Shoshone band (Northwestern Band) were attacked during the Bear River Massacre in an act of Collective Punishment, having allegedly been mistaken for a different, warring band.[2] In 1862, a Californian volunteer infantry led by Patrick Edward Connor established a fort on the Wasatch Range near Salt Lake City. In January 1863, they attacked Bear Hunter's village in an action known as the Bear River Massacre today.[3][4] Bear Hunter was among those tortured and killed.[5]


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