Bear Meadows Natural Area

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Bear Meadows Natural Area
2012-08-22 View of Bear Meadows in Pennsylvania in Rothrock State Forest from the Mid-State Trail to the northwest.jpg
View of Bear Meadows from the Mid State Trail
LocationCentre County, Pennsylvania
Nearest cityBoalsburg
Coordinates40°43′45″N 77°45′50″W / 40.72917°N 77.76389°W / 40.72917; -77.76389Coordinates: 40°43′45″N 77°45′50″W / 40.72917°N 77.76389°W / 40.72917; -77.76389
Area890 acres (360 ha)

Bear Meadows Natural Area is located in Centre County, Pennsylvania, United States, four miles south of Boalsburg, within Rothrock State Forest in the Appalachian Mountains. The area contains a bog surrounded by steep mountains and hiking trails. The bog, which covers 320 acres (130 ha), has been forming since the end of the last glacial period 10,000 years ago and is surrounded by an old-growth forest of boreal species typically found much farther north, such as black spruce, balsam fir, eastern hemlock, and yellow birch. The area was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1965.[1]

The bog gets its name from the abundance of black bears that roam through the area. This area is renowned for the abundance of blueberries that grow around and throughout the bog.


The bog itself is underlain by the Juniata Formation. The U-shaped ridge to the north, west, and south is formed by the Tuscarora Formation. The low hill to the northeast of the bog is formed by the Bald Eagle Formation. Periglacial boulders are abundant on the slopes surrounding the bog.[2]


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