Bear trap

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Bear trap or beartrap may refer to:

  • For devices used to trap bears, see Animal trapping
  • Due to the way they gripped the boot, alpine ski cable bindings were known as "bear traps"
  • In economics, a bear trap is an inaccurate signal that shows a rising trend of a stock or index has reversed when it has not. A bear trap prompts traders to place shorts on the stock or index, since they expect the underlying to decline in value. Instead of declining further, the investment stays flat, or slightly recovers
  • For devices designed to allow large helicopter to land on small flight decks in bad weather, see Beartrap (hauldown device)
  • Brig. Mohammed Yousaf and Mark Adkin, 'The Bear Trap,' Leo Cooper, 1992, referring to the ISI's efforts during the Soviet war in Afghanistan (1979–1989)
  • In golf, "The Bear Trap" is used to refer to a trio of holes (15, 16, 17), named after golfer and course designer Jack "The Golden Bear" Nicklaus, at the Champion Course of the PGA National Golf Club
  • Beartrap Creek, a river in Wisconsin