Beardslee Castle

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Beardslee Castle
Restaurant information
Street address 123 Old State Road
City Little Falls
State New York
Postal code/ZIP 13365
Country United States

Beardslee Castle is a three-story castle in Little Falls, New York, USA, constructed in 1860 as a replica of an Irish castle, and currently used as a restaurant. The manor has been rebuilt twice, after having been burned down by fires in 1919 and 1989.[1] In addition, there are supposedly stories of people seeing ghosts while dining in the castle.[2]

Beardslee castle was the contraction projected of windowed Lavina Beardslee in her latter years around the late 1790s, it was her grandson Capt. Guy Roosevelt Beardslee, who concluded the project in 1860. Capt. Beardslee undertook a business project obtaining electricity and a generator with a distribution system beginning a small local hydro-power plant. This small company succeeded into the Mohawk Power Corporation.

Legend has it that Beardslee castle was built on a fortified farmhouse during the French and Indian war. A tunnel was laid under the house to a hill, where gun powder was hidden. A group of Indians found the tunnel and mistakenly ignited the gun powder, blowing themselves up during what would have been a surprised attack. Sometime later Capt. Beardslee returned from a military campaign with several Sioux tribal artifacts. Those items were lost during the first destructive fire in 1919. These Native American connections are held to the belief that they could be lingering on the grounds. The suicide of the manor's second owner Anton Christensen by hanging in what was then the ladies room holds strong in belief of a man seen in now the side entrance forger. Travelers on route 5 when approaching the back wooded area of the property have reported seeing a glowing light rushing towards drivers. A man holding a lantern is believed to be Mr. Beardslee looking for a missing child in that area from over a century ago.[3]


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