Beardstown Community Unit School District 15

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Beardstown Community Unit School District 15 is a unit school district located in the Cass County, Illinois city of its namesake: Beardstown. The majority of students in the district are white, but the district also has a 35% Hispanic population[1] and has many bilingual students.[2]

There are four schools located within this district. Grand Avenue School serves the district's preschoolers; Gard Elementary School grades kindergarten through fourth; Brick School has shutdown and has been sold for money; lastly, Beardstown Middle/High School, also known as Beardstown Junior Beardstown Junior/Senior High School,[3] serves grades 6–12. The superintendent is Reggie Clinton.[4] As of 2013, the principals of each of the respective schools are Pam DeSollar of Grand Avenue School,[4] Steve Groll of Gard/Brick Elementary Schools,[4] and Scott Riddle of Beardstown Middle/High School.[4] The mascot for all schools in the district is the tiger.

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