Bearfort Mountain

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Bearfort Mountain
Bearfort Ridge
Bearfort Mountain, Bellvale Mountain - Panorama.jpg
Bearfort Mountain (left), Bellvale Mountain (right)
Highest point
PeakBearfort Mountain
Elevation1,479 ft (451 m)
Coordinates41°8′14″N 74°23′52″W / 41.13722°N 74.39778°W / 41.13722; -74.39778Coordinates: 41°8′14″N 74°23′52″W / 41.13722°N 74.39778°W / 41.13722; -74.39778
CountryUnited States
StateNew Jersey
Age of rockDevonian
Type of rockSkunnemunk Conglomerate

Bearfort Mountain, historically known as Bear Ford Mountain,[1] is a mountain ridge located near Wawayanda State Park in West Milford, Passaic County, New Jersey.[2] It is a continuation of Bellvale Mountain in New York. The Appalachian Trail crosses along the ridge into New York.[3] Puddingstone of the Skunnemunk Conglomerate is visible along the ridge.[4]

At an elevation of 1,331 feet (406 m) the ridge is the site of a 68 feet (21 m) high fire lookout tower built by the New Jersey Forest Fire Service.[5][6]

The mountain was depicted in an 1850 painting by Jasper Francis Cropsey, an American landscape artist of the Hudson River School.[7]

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