Bearskin (film)

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Der Bärenhäuter
Directed by Walter Beck
Written by Jacob Grimm
Wilhelm Grimm
Eva Görsch
Walter Beck
Thea Richter
Starring Jens-Uwe Bogadtke
Manfred Heine
Janina Hartwig
Hans Teuscher
Music by Günther Fischer
Cinematography Günter Heimann
Edited by Ilse Peters
Release date
  • 24 January 1986 (1986-01-24)
Running time
81 minutes
Country East Germany
Language German

Der Bärenhäuter is a German movie from the year 1986, based on the fairy tale Bearskin.


The war has ended and soldier Christoffel no future and no money. He does not know what to do, because he meets the devil. He offers him a deal: Christoffel has cut the pockets always full of money, but he can not wash themselves for seven years, not the hair and nails and he can sleep in a bed. If he does not comply with all of these things, he will be devoted forever to the devil.

Christoffel accepts the condition.

The future worries rid themselves Christoffel makes his way. Soon, however, it is lonely. The company shuns him, and he's dirty, unkempt and smell. He finds only a place to stay in prison.

He paid the debt of a goldsmith, he thereby wins the heart of Catherine, the daughter of a goldsmith. Christoffel do know about its appearance and leaves her.

After seven years, finally he can wash away the devil himself and returns as a cultivated man back to her.

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