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Beast is an Italian anonymous contemporary street artist from Milan.[1]

Early life[edit]

Beast is the pseudonym for an anonymous Milan-based street artist who has been active on the streets of Europe and United States since 2009, with a focus on stencils at first and later at creating digital collages aiming to highlight political and social issues.[2][3][4]


Beast created public artworks that portray well-known political figures including Donald Trump,[5] Angela Merkel,[6][7] Marine Le Pen,[8] Matteo Renzi,[9] Silvio Berlusconi,[10] Matteo Salvini[11][12] and Mario Draghi.[13]

Beast uses photo manipulation technique[14] to create his works as well as wheat pasting and billboard hijacking methods[15] to place his works in the public sphere.

Art exhibitions[edit]

Year Exhibition City
2019 Affordable Art Fair [16] Milan
2018 Stroke Art Fair[17] Munich
2017 Public Art Festival[18][19] Athens
2017 Oxford International Art Fair[20] Oxford
2016 H Views Politics in Art[21] Zurich
2016 Grenoble Street Art Festival[22] Grenoble
2016 Dream Factory[6] Milan


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