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Beasties (film) dfv.jpg
Directed by Steven Paul Contreras
Produced by Steven Paul Contreras
Written by Steven Paul Contreras
Starring Eric C. Bushman
Denise Mora
Hector Yanez
Music by Darrell Devaurs
Cinematography Steven Paul Contreras
Edited by Antonio Lopez, Jr.
Distributed by Cinema Home Video
Release date
Running time
83 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Beasties is a 1989 film, originally titled Bionaut, by Steven Paul Contreras.


The term "Beasties" is never used in the film, and is clearly designed to invoke Gremlins (which the box cites along with Back to the Future as influences), although the creatures are not the main focus of the film.


The film describes the carnage of extraterrestrial crafts landing on an area with many amorous teens. The plot deals with "Bionaut" (living) vessels, which have traveled back in time and have released small reconnaissance creatures that become violent when they get too far away from the Bionaut.


It was bought by David DeCoteau and 200 VHS copies were distributed in 1991. There were only 200 copies sold, before it was withdrawn for poor sales. Re-release to DVD 10/14/14

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