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Beat or beats may refer to:

Common meanings[edit]

  • Strike (attack), repeatedly striking a person or object
  • Victory to win, outdo, outfox or otherwise achieve a victory over another (or the odds)
  • Patrol, an area (usually geographic) that one is responsible to monitor, including:
    • Beat (police), the territory and time that a police officer patrols
    • Beat reporting, a subject of coverage by a journalist
    • Gay beat, an area frequented by men who have sex with men for the purpose of casual sex
    • Forest beat, in forestry administration, a divisional sub unit of a Forest range
  • The act of beating; battery

Companies, brands and organisations[edit]

  • Beat (charity), a British charity that supports people with eating disorders
  • Beats Electronics, American producer of audio products, such as the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones
  • Beat (drink), a drink manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company in Mexico




  • Beat (acoustics), volume fluctuations due to interference between sounds of different frequencies
  • Beat (music), the basic time unit or pulse in a piece of music representing one moment in time, or a segment of rhythm or cadence
  • Beat music, a rock music genre that developed in the United Kingdom in the early 1960s
  • Pulse (music), in music and music theory, beats in a (repeating) series of identical yet distinct periodic short-duration stimuli perceived as points in time occurring at the mensural level
  • "Beat" (song), 2005, by Kaela Kimura



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